OK, let's see if I can revive this blog thingy

In the months since my last post, lots of things have happened. We’ve had a national election, for one thing, which by most accounts has assured us two more years of political gridlock and confirmed the deep polarization of public opinion. 245 more words

Politics: U. S.

Stop the Omnibus, I want to get off . . .

You may possibly know that I have active blogs on more than one web site.  One of the friends I’ve chatted with since I first started blogging years ago posted a blog yesterday that bears sharing.  22 more words


consciousness is like obscenity

Scientific American: “A True and Complete Account of the Neuroscience of Zombies” by Gareth Cook questioning that ZombieLaw favorite, the pre-eminent new UCSD assistant professor, Dr. 1,258 more words



Citizens United and the Ultra-Rich—“This Stage of Fools”

I am a political moderate who made a career of government service and followed political events my entire adult life–that stretches back more years than I care to think about.  2,103 more words

"Republicans Were Not Elected To Govern": Rush Limbaugh Is Emblematic Of Our Political Rot

It is stunning that leading conservative thinkers are arguing that the Republican majority in Congress is a mandate for even more gridlock. Rush Limbaugh says Republicans weren’t elected “to make Congress work. 933 more words


Reading the Tea Leaves...

I don’t usually blog about politics or issues like this, not because I don’t have opinions or ideas I just use other forums to discuss.  This however has gotten under my skin and I feel like talking about it so here it is… 1,255 more words

Funny Legal Case Names

A few pages have collected some of the more bizarrely named court cases, such as; People v. Booger, Nebraska v. One 1970 2-Door Sedan Rambler (Gremlin), and everyone’s favorite - Batman v. 12 more words