Endorsements for 'Postmodernity and Univocity'

Though I’m currently on the road recording the audio version of my forthcoming book, The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton (Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press), which is due out in late September, I have been simultaneously involved in the final stages of the editorial production process for my book,  609 more words

Tenth Circuit - August 27, 2014

The Tenth Circuit published one civil decision today.

In Teamsters Local Union No. 455 v. NLRB (No. 12-9519), the court upheld the NLRB’s decision to simply direct an employer to stop taking certain illegal actions, rather than to penalize the employer by awarding its unionized employees backpay, as requested by the Teamsters. 355 more words

Tenth Circuit

The Constitutionality of Abortion, 101.

Lots of recent legislation in MANY states will shut down MANY abortion facilities, but not all of them….by design. In Texas, Ohio and Louisiana laws that are essentially the same across the board were designed to protect the lives of the unborn AND the women who choose to kill their child. 677 more words


The Civil Rights Revolution

As the host of New Books in Law, I had the opportunity to interview Bruce Ackerman about his new book “We The People, Volume 3: The Civil Rights Revolution.” Check out the podcast… 308 more words

Legal History

The Mélange that Breeds Social Activism

By the summer of 1975, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall had gained a reputation as a curmudgeon with little warmth in his heart for his home city of Baltimore or the state of Maryland. 692 more words

Legal History


The mark of a truly learned jurist is the ability to decide complex issues within the constraints of the law; and without employing hypotheticals as a basis to contrive convoluted applications not reasonably supported by the… 530 more words

THE ROBERTS’ COURT SHOULD STFU—(PART II): Voting Rights in the Roberts Era

It was the Hobby Lobby case that caused District Judge Kopf to finally flip his cork and rudely suggest that the Supreme Court “stfu”.  But he also made clear that Hobby Lobby wasn’t his only beef with the Supremes—particularly the conservative Supremes.  1,018 more words