If not now, when? #ERAnow

Representatives Jackie Speier and Carolyn Maloney in front of the Supreme Court this morning – “still fighting to get women into the Constitution 91 years after the ERA was introduced.” 213 more words

2014 Elections

A Marriage Equality Legacy: From Practical Struggles to a "Love Affair" with the Gay Community

In the final segment of MEUSA’s interview with Edie Windsor, Edie recalls the real-life consequences of being denied the right to marry and her transition from a community outsider to advocate. 67 more words

Analysis & Opinion

Massachusetts to Protect Patients from Anti-Choice Harassment

Update 7/24/14: The Massachusetts House approved the ‘dispersal zone’ bill on a 116-35 vote. There will be a final vote in both chambers before the bill heads to the Governor for his signature. 233 more words

July 23, 1936 - Birthdate of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

On this day in history, Anthony Kennedy was born in Sacramento, California. Kennedy graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School and entered private law practice in California. 219 more words


Divergent Interpretations

In a set of rulings that seemed to complicate even further the detailed language of the Affordable Care Act, two separate federal appeals courts (One in DC and one in Virginia) came to opposite conclusions of one another regarding premium tax credits for individual health insurance plans purchased through the federal insurance marketplace. 302 more words


A Tweet Or Two

Ladies and gentlemen, a perfect example of Obama Derangement Syndrome

Under Obamacare, David Klemencic of WV can get coverage for less than $21 per yr. Instead, he took the law to court…

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