When do we get back to the Constitution affirming separation of church and state?

A federal judge Thursday granted a Minnesota auto dealer the right to exclude emergency contraceptives and I.U.D.’s from his company’s employee health plan.

U.S. District Judge Frank Magnuson issued an injunction against the federal government, enabling Hastings Automotive’s primary owner Doug Erickson to remove contraceptives from his company’s plan without facing penalties.

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SCOTUS and infographic on the Hana Bank case on "tacking"

I just skimmed the transcript of the Hana Bank case on “tacking” before the Supreme Court and provided comments and some of the interesting dialogue below. 629 more words

Trademark Basics



Happy Terrorist Tuesday.
Moving through life these days takes on a very strange shape with our:

GESTAPO Police force,

The open CONTEMPT of We The People, 490 more words

President Obama

A Conversation with Justices Kagan and Scalia at Ole Miss

Mississippi law students, attorneys, and judges alike had a wonderful opportunity today as Justice Elena Kagan and Justice Antonin Scalia shared their thoughts on law school, legal philosophy, and the inner-workings of the Court this morning at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. 35 more words


SCOTUS decision in Heien v North Carolina

The Supreme Court has weighed in on a North Carolina case that pondered North Carolina’s law on working brake lights, a police officer’s mistaken interpretation of that law, and protection against unconstitutional searches. 254 more words

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Joins the Torture Debate...Once Again Claiming That Nothing in the Constitution Prohibits It

By Elaine Magliaro

Mark Sherman of the Associated Press reported today that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was “joining the debate over the Senate’s torture report by saying it’s hard to rule out the use of extreme measures to extract information if millions of lives were threatened.” Sherman said that Scalia “told a Swiss broadcast network that American and European liberals who say such tactics may never be used are being self-righteous.” Scalia added that he doesn’t “‘think it’s so clear at all,’ especially if interrogators were trying to find a ticking nuclear bomb.” 592 more words

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