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'You disgust me': Angry lefties scold SCOTUSblog for Hobby Lobby decision; Just one problem...

@lachlan @SCOTUSblog Classic.—
Concrete Charlie (@JumpyNelson) June 30, 2014

SCOTUSblog is a fantastic resource for learning about all-things related to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Senate press gallery ignores the evolution of journalism, denies SCOTUSblog press credentials

The irony couldn’t be any more stark: On Monday, at almost the exact same moment as tens of thousands of people — including dozens of professional journalists — were checking the SCOTUSblog site to see whether new decisions by the country’s top court had been posted, the site itself… 986 more words


Supreme Court News Blog Is Yet Again Denied Press Credentials

What’s particularly ironic — and maybe impressive — about SCOTUSblog’s 12 successful years covering the U.S. Supreme Court is that its reporters aren’t allowed in the courtroom on which they’re reporting. 331 more words

SCOTUSblog deserves congressional access

I remember one of the hardest adjustments I had to make when I left my job at the trade daily, American Banker, and joined the national staff of the good-government group, Common Cause: While I love my new job, I hated giving up the access.  879 more words

SCOTUSblog continues to run up against the white blood-cell response of traditional media

With bloggers like Glenn Greenwald breaking world-altering news like the Snowden story and building standalone media properties like Vox or 538, you might think that the question of whether blogs are media entities would be settled by now — even the Court of Appeal… 798 more words


Fighting for Access: New Report on the State of Media Credentialing Practices in the United States

At the end of May, fifteen leading journalism organizations signed on to a letter calling for SCOTUSblog to be granted press credentials to cover the Supreme Court. 758 more words