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New Lip for the Tailgate Seal

The lower tailgate seal is secured to the cargo area floor via a lip bent down at a 45 degree angle. The right portion of the seal mount was a little punkie from rust and needed repaired. 85 more words

Cargo Area Patched on Right Side

Here are the patch panels welded into place in the cargo area. I’m impressed with my capability to roll a bead to line up perfectly with the existing panels. 87 more words

Rolling Square Beads

The rear cargo area has some rust issues and it’s mostly surface rust. There are just a few places where the rust has gone all the way through. 160 more words

Dia do Escoteiro - Sempre Alerta Para Servir!

Prometo pela minha honra fazer o melhor possível para: cumprir meus deveres para com Deus e a minha pátria, ajudar o próximo em toda e qualquer ocasião e obedecer à Lei Escoteira.

Tia Loli Sendo A Tia Loli

Celebrate Poetry-4/23: FAVORITE CHARACTER

The theme for Day 21′s celebrating National Poetry Month is “FAVORITE CHARACTERS.” Click HERE for details of this haiku celebration of throughout the month of April. 116 more words


Front Half of Body Done!

In a little over six weeks, I went from a lifeless and homely looking Scout body to what you see here. OK, all you see is the floor where the front seat goes and will get covered up with a vinyl floor mat. 123 more words

Left Rocker Panel Fully Installed

I won’t go into the details, but the left rocker panel is done. I’m really excited because this should be the last of the major structural repairs. 64 more words