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Guilty by Interaction

When I was a kid we always used to hear the term ‘guilty by association’; today you can easily be ‘guilty by interaction’. What you ‘like’, favourite or retweet, for better or worse, will always be analyzed in great detail. 319 more words


Vulenteers Creating a Social Impact.

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December 5th has been established as International Volunteer Day by the United Nations. This is the day in which, people that give their time to help out social organizations that they believe in, are congratulated for their work towards transforming their community. 297 more words


Mariano Matamoros´s community strengthens group 101.

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One of Scout Experience’s strengths relies on community support, specifically from parents and neighbors from each of the project’s Scout centers. When a member of the community becomes actively involved, the trust towards the project increases and the young beneficiaries are motivated by observing people that they know or are related to, getting involved in the activities. 343 more words


We Care A Lot - Meeny & McLeod #011


We’re in early with the Christmas special, which means discussion on the authenticity of Jesus’ food and beverage based miracles, questions regarding his ethnicity and ask if he maintained actual trade qualifications as a carpenter. 25 more words


SH13: The great expedition! Suspicion phase

Welcome back! This adventure begins with our surplus heroes taking a ten-day break on Junidi, the wealthy, high-tech world that lies at the centre of sub-sector affairs.

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Surplus Heroes