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A Shelfie

Today really wasn’t that eventful… It was a late start after a very late night celebrating a birthday.  This morning it was Church my husband introduced me to his… 118 more words

Quick Tip: Fluffy scrambled eggs

Have you ever made scrambled eggs that turn out chewy and dry?

When I first made scrambled eggs on my own I couldn’t figure out what the problem was – until I went over to my mom’s and had hers. 231 more words

Quick Tips

Slow & Low ~ The Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Eggs and I have a very tentative relationship. Truthfully a love/hate relationship would be a more accurate description. It is only recently that I started to eat eggs and I am over the top selective about the type of egg (farm fresh please) and how they are prepared. 399 more words


Breakfast of Champions: Scromelette

Whenever I go home, my dad will wake up on the weekends and make us a delicious, hearty breakfast of his own creation. I’ve named his scrambled omelette a “Scromelette”… Super delicious and very straightforward to make. 207 more words


Moving Beyond Culinary Cruelty

It has been some time since my last post about culinary cruelty.  Today,  I want to say serving conditions are improving.

Let me bring you up to speed.  312 more words


A young boy - on describing his first experience of being forced to wear a suit and tie - a paradelle for dVerse

they made me wear a straight-jacket
(they made me wear a straight-jacket)
although they called it a suit-coat
(although they called it a suit-coat)
a straight-suit called a jacket made they… 290 more words


quick meal: scrambled eggs with garlic

Instead of posting pictures oft the food I’m eating right now I’ll tell you how to make it so you can taste it. It’s just a really quick recipe I put together this evening as I’m trying to eat less sugar and more coconut oil. 157 more words

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