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Everyday Life Clamors For Attention

I’ve been mostly in neutral for a while – it feels beige and nondescript.  Sometimes there are things I have to do, other I know they need to be done and I have no energy.   845 more words


Just me thinking too much...

Here it is again y’all. Another post that perfectly depicts my Pessimist side, here’s my rant, just warning you, its kind of jumbled like the title states, I have been thinking too much. 637 more words

Niratama (Garlic Chive Scrambled Eggs)

I believe a lot of individuals have this impression that generating Japanese food is complex. Although it’s straightforward to see how something unfamiliar could look unattainably hard, in this case it is a myth that just is not true. 16 more words

Women Ideas

Niratama (Garlic Chive Scrambled Eggs)

I think a lot of people have this impression that making Japanese food is complicated. While it’s easy to see how something unfamiliar could seem unattainably difficult, in this case it’s a myth that just isn’t true. 18 more words

Women Ideas

Master Chef: Dorm Edition (How to make the World's Best Scrambled Eggs with a Microwave)

Being the natural (trying-hard) cook that I am, there’s an unending itch in my hands, dying to go and cook something. This morning, waking up to my usual 6 AM body clock, I was ravenous. 168 more words


we like breakfast

I seem to post a lot of breakfast dishes on here. It’s because we absolutely love breakfast in this apartment, it is the most important meal of the day for us! 333 more words


Paleo southwestern scrambled eggs

Just starting my blog … Stay tuned for recipes and photos and places to buy ingredients in China and Hong Kong !