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101 uses for stale bread

I’m so excited and enthused about all the traffic to my new baby blog! I’ve gotten some great feedback already and I definitely have more on deck! 840 more words

Pantry Raid

Johnny Cake

There are several recipes that my dad will sometimes talk about as being his favorites from childhood:  cinnamon rolls, ice box cookies, steam pudding and date filled cookies to name a few.  305 more words

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Fuck your bouillon cubes

One of my most-favorite cooking games is the “something from nothing” game. I love opening the pantry and assembling a delicious meal from whatever odds and ends happen to be living in there. 1,737 more words

Getting Started

Ella's Lemon Pie

Ella must have been one of my Grandma’s good friends, because she has quite a few recipes in her box with a note on the side saying she had copied it from her.   551 more words

Farm Cooking

Pearl Curtis' Pie Crust

Pies are beautiful.  They are a work of art.  Each one is different, unique, a creation.  My mom tells stories of learning how to bake with Grandma Dora, her mother-in-law.   853 more words

Farm Cooking

Orange Ice - A Summer Treat

Orange Ice is a treat I remember having often on summer days when I was young.  I found this recipe in my mom’s recipe box.  It is one she copied down from my Grandma Dora on one of her visits down the road to her house.  227 more words

Farm Cooking

Scalloped (Baked) Corn and A Bonus - Zucchini Bread

My grandparents were dairy farmers when my dad was young.  They had a 155 acre farm and they always had a big garden out behind the house.  331 more words

Farm Cooking