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Zucchini Bread - A Bonus Recipe

 At the beginning of the summer, my garden looked quite nice.  A little fence all around and everything neatly planted.  But, as summer went on, and mosquitoes drove me out, weeds started setting in.  222 more words

Scratch Cooking

Skip the Bottle, Make Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

It is one of the most popular dressings.  Every restaurant has it on their menu.   It makes celery sticks palatable to picky eaters.  And for the adventurous eater, a fine topping on baked potatoes.  272 more words

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Louise's Oatmeal Drop Cookies

My dad has lots of memories of eating cookies growing up.  We’ve already shared hermit cookies, ice box cookies and shortbread cookies.  But, since Grandma Dora’s recipe boxes are overflowing with cookie recipes, I decided to try another one.  394 more words

Scratch Cooking

Lucille's Shortbread Cookies

My parents and sister Amy came over for dinner tonight.  We had plans to eat and then  head across the road into the “Farmer’s Field” for a hike.   317 more words

Scratch Cooking

Mrs. Magary's Spice Cake

When my grandparents were first married, they lived in a small log cabin on the top of a hill, looking over a pond.  They had nothing, but they were happy.   1,157 more words

Scratch Cooking

Raspberry Pie - A Bonus Recipe

I have been making this recipe for berry pie for years.  Like the zucchini bread recipe, this one is my mom’s recipe, not my grandma’s.  263 more words

Scratch Cooking