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Baked Macaroni and Cheese - A Bonus Recipe

Do you have a “go-to” meal?  Whenever we come home and it’s already dinner time or I need to go grocery shopping, but haven’t had time, I always find myself whipping up Baked Macaroni and Cheese.   255 more words

Scratch Cooking

Heavy Reading...

Gosh, it’s that time of year…when bloggers go AWOL, but farm life just keeps happening.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually have time to finish a book instead of returning it to the library with a bookmark still in the middle.  179 more words

Farm Life

2 Ingredient Fudge (3 If You Wanna Get Fancy)

This recipe is for the potluck invite you forgot, the kid’s bake sale you didn’t find out about until it was bedtime or any time you want to look like a rock star on short notice. 217 more words


Mrs. Luce's White Cookies

The Luces were good friends of my grandparents.  My dad said he remembers that, like his own mom, Mrs. Luce was a wonderful baker.  Each year, to help with the income, she spent time baking up homemade goods and taking them to the local farmer’s market to sell.   514 more words

Scratch Cooking

More Chicken Stock


So I’ve posted chicken stock before, but it’s winter season again, aka soup season, and chicken stock is a critical part of it so I had to share it again.   284 more words

Scratch Cooking

Molasses Cookies

My Grandma Dora loved to bake.  At least everyone assumed she loved to bake because she was always baking.  I think what she really loved was making her family happy by baking. 639 more words

Scratch Cooking

Paniolo (that’s Hawaiian for Cowboy) Chili

The weather has started to turn and my thoughts drift towards big pots of tummy warming goodness.  This is my favorite cooking time of the year.  721 more words

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