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All stories are memories

They are specks of sand that found their way beneath your eyelid, lingering and tormenting you with an itch worse than a thousand mosquito bites. And then—as your fingers moved to scratch them, or with a few blinks, or with just a single tear—they were gone, leaving you with nothing but great discomfort as if a limb went missing and you want it back. 883 more words


Belly Itch....or Swimming Laps?

I remember being a young girl and my father would talk with me about homework, curfew….life. During the conversation he would slowly walk over to the corner of the wall and start to rub his back up and down. 307 more words

Our Furry Friends

Looking into the deep, blurry mirror...

I was looking very deeply into the mirror when the image suddenly started to be wavy and blurry. I was looking around to see if there is something or someone that was altering it, but it wasn’t. 279 more words

Little Stories

We're old yesterday, young today

Tonight, the moon hides. My hands are cold. The shadow of the old acacia tree looms over my own as I sit on top of our stone fence—ah, but how do I know that my shadow is there and not someplace else? 532 more words


T-Cut Scratch Magic

The T-Cut Scratch Magic Pen

is the smart way to remove scratches and touch up paint work permanently.

Clear formula eliminates scratches in minutes

Suitable for use on all colours of paintwork including metallic… 36 more words

T-Cut Scratch Remover

T-Cut Scratch Remover

T-Cut Scratch Remover is a renovation paste specifically designed to remove surface scratches, swirl marks and blemishes from car paint. Apart from application to car paintwork, this lightly abrasive paste can also be used on enamel, ceramic, metal or other painted surfaces.


T-Cut Color Fast Scratch Remover

T-Cut Color Fast Scratch Remover is an innovative product that removes scratches and blemishes, whilst bringing back the original depth of colour in one simple application. 80 more words