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A Token Reminder

“Don’t worry, the world will conspire for you.”

Usually it’s the other way around, right? The world conspiring against you. I’ve always thought the latter is the bitter and better truth. 771 more words


One Piece Story Arc Ranking (officially, by myself)

To celebrate my inability to find meaningful activities early in the morning, I present—to nobody’s pleasure except maybe Krizzia Mei who is a sucker for these things—my One Piece story arc ranking! 1,180 more words



I think it’s unfair that while I focus my attention and time into an endeavor that may be a turning point in my life other people treat as a last resort, a kick-back-and-relax activity, a sympathy project. 216 more words


7 Oct. • Photo-a-Day

Seems I said it was the fifth yesterday? What? Anyways, here’s the 7th installation of our photographic venture. I wanted to do something inorganic, with interesting colors and textures. 33 more words


Purrfectly cute band-aids for cat scratches become real product after chance Twitter encounter

Despite their tendency to cough up hairballs, bring us dead things, and ferociously defend tissue boxes, just what is it about cats that keeps us coming back for more? 434 more words