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Words, dripping with meaning. Like sponge-cake saturated with honey. Disgusting, sticking to your fingers… my God, soap and water, quick. Don’t touch me! Spit it out, brush your teeth, damn you, you… you author!


Is Scream a slasher movie?

What’s your favourite scary movie? Well it certainly isn’t Scream.

As much as I enjoy Scream enough to watch it more than once, it can be argued that it is not actually a slasher movie as it as previously been labelled. 619 more words

Interview With the Author No. 327

Hellstrøm: Before you ask: I got the idea for the book from the dead guy buried in my garden.
q: …
Hellstrøm: Don’t look at me that way. 90 more words


Hellstrøm’s Dream, No. 214

Screaming. I woke up: screaming. I couldn’t remember a fucking thing. I felt I had dreamt a thousand dreams, but I couldn’t, as usual, remember a damned thing. 123 more words