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Sequels that don't Suck

As horror fans, we’ve been subjected to many horrible sequels. Almost every semi-successful horror film is instantly granted a sequel for the sole purpose of money making. 123 more words

Doing Things, Aye

I hear you scream. Well, what do you want me do about it? Should I be hypocritical and say: poor thing, or: you’ll be fine, don’t worry? 212 more words


Markus Schulz - Remember This [EP]

Since the time Unicorn Slayer’s ‘Remember This’ got released, it transformed from instrumental fuel for any situation to the highlight of any night and an anthem which has touched the soul of trance lovers. 180 more words


The Definitive Ranking of Scream Deaths

10.) Trudie/Sherrie/Rachel/Marnie/Jenny

The opening of Scream 4 should have been entertaining. I mean who hasn’t wanted to watch both Anna Paquin AND Shenae Grimes die? Unfortunately the “movie within a movie within a movie” thing was completely overdone and by the time the real opening kill sequence started no one gave a fuck. 758 more words


Words, dripping with meaning. Like sponge-cake saturated with honey. Disgusting, sticking to your fingers… my God, soap and water, quick. Don’t touch me! Spit it out, brush your teeth, damn you, you… you author!


Is Scream a slasher movie?

Just to point out if you haven’t seen any of the Scream franchise, there will be spoilers.

What’s your favourite scary movie? Well it certainly isn’t… 630 more words