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The Mind of Depression

Standing in the shower watching the water hit that salmon colored daisy gripping sticker on the floor of the tub. Lost, empty, the blank hollow. The blank hollow is good. 734 more words

Thirty-Two 18+

Thirty two.

They hang on the wall,

My collection of grisly souvenirs

The last barely a month old and showing little signs of decay.

This is my sanctuary, my quiet place, a space of reflection, 613 more words

The Twisted Path Group

Just down under.

Imagine having a lot of people talking to you but not one can make you feel ‘okay’ not one of them can turn your night around. 160 more words


Berberian Sound Studio

Berberian Sound Studio: A mild-mannered sound designer / foley artist is hired to work on an Italian Giallo (B-move slasher) film – and goes a bit mad in the process. 165 more words

Film Reviews

The Struggle

The Struggle

The scream scratches,
catches in the throat
and tastes of blood
metallic, thick

knife blade sits on the jugular,
rings with high-pitched laughter… 22 more words


What do I name this?

This morning, I just got up and started writing words. I can’t say this is the finished version but I decided to put it up anyway; I don’t even have a title for it. 257 more words

On Patrol- November 23, 2014

MTV Going Through with Scream show, Not Actually Scream
Scream seems like an obvious adaption to TV. You have a group of attractive yet cliche teens, post-modern references and a whodunit style mystery. 291 more words

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