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Not Necessarily Ekphrasis (NNE): Scream

Ekphrasis, boiled down, is art describing another work of art.  For poetry, the example most sites provide is John Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn.”  … 55 more words


Flat White….

Flat White….

Silver quick as it maybe

circles life flowing honey

lost under a forbidden city

now this is a true mystery.


Mystery or not!  Truthfully, 36 more words

The Horsemen

The night is inky black and the moon has gone into hiding

No stars to even lighten up the sky

The pounding in your head increases as the unearthly fog begins to roll in… 317 more words

The Twisted Path Group

#Rollingwithro Personal Opinion: Sh*t I'm Sick Of: From Reality to Social Media

I woke up this morning and the first thing on my mind was to open my notebook and just start typing about the shit that I am sick of in that exact order. 756 more words

Personal Opinion

The Real Need Was In The Little Things

What do rain, rhinos, overcast, lions, wind, giraffes, trees, birds, and bugs all have in common? Right! The Oregon Zoo of course.

There is no experience that compares to a trip to the Oregon Zoo. 896 more words


A thought or fantasy….

A thought or fantasy….

A smiling within, teasing

without a thought

imagination gone wild

can’t help but be chasing.


Lost in imagination

creating a world… 45 more words

On Scream 4

I can only think of one film franchise that we own a sequel of and not the first one. We definitely have franchises with only the originals (Star Wars) and we have complete collections of unrelated films by the same director (Rian Johnson, Tarantino, Edgar Wright) but only one where we don’t own the original. 894 more words