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I think rant box is pretty good word to describe myself currently, as well as all of us as a society really. We all love to, and need to, rant. 662 more words

My Thoughts

Porcelanska lutka

Sedela je mirno, poput porcelanske lutke, sa izrazom lica koji je situacija zahtevala od nje, a iznutra je vrištala.

Posmatrala je sve te ljude, staklastim očima i slušala sa odsutnošću njihove priče, iznutra vrišteći i vrišteći… 138 more words


The Definitive Ranking of Scream Deaths

10.) Trudie/Sherrie/Rachel/Marnie/Jenny

The opening of Scream 4 should have been entertaining. I mean who hasn’t wanted to watch both Anna Paquin AND Shenae Grimes die? Unfortunately the “movie within a movie within a movie” thing was completely overdone and by the time the real opening kill sequence started no one gave a fuck. 758 more words


What if I scream out loud this time,
How will you react?
If I don’t hide them,
The thoughts in my head.

Here it comes, 59 more words


Playful Penny

If you hear the patter of tiny feet you know its Playful Penny who you’re about to meet.
Quickly quickly hide under you’re bed, as if you’re found she will make you play DEAD!!!!


when you're ready to beg

So, as you guys know D was all sick girl and nothing personal I love the girl, but I dont wanna catch that shit. So I try to make myself scarce.  559 more words

What I Want

I want to sob.
I want to scream.
I want to pound
my fists and
ask why these things

But I can’t sob,
and I can’t scream. 41 more words