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Screencasts in Media Studies launched

I am currently working on a project entitled ‘Screencasts in Media Studies,’ which examines the pedagogic value of using screencasts to support student learning in the Department of Media and Communication. 107 more words

Video: How I Track My Food (My 1st Screencast!)

I was just about to eat “second dinner” last night and started to plan my meal using my 20/20 Lifestyles meal tracker, but then I thought maybe it would be a good opportunity to show how I use my tracker for guidance just as much as I use it for accountability. 56 more words


GoAnimate Headache

Okay so this post isn’t going to be a review on an app, but instead a review on the GoAnimate animation software that is available online. 658 more words

DIY Media

Nike+ Running

I wouldn’t be the runner I am today without the Nike+ Running app. I began to use it in 2006 with an Ipod mini and a sensor to pop in my shoe. 285 more words

Εργασία 5, Jing - Screencast

Νομίζετε πως υπάρχει μόνο ένας τρόπος να δημιουργήσετε ένα φάκελο στο usb ;;; ΜΕΓΑ ΛΑΘΟΣ! :)
Μπείτε στον πιο κάτω σύνδεσμο και θα μάθετε…2! :) 19 more words

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Screencasts: my what and how

I can say now I have decided on my social context, a reading recommendations discussion. I can also say I have created this on what I believe is the most effective website for this network, 468 more words


Screencasting Tools for 2014: The Flipped Classroom

Lots of teachers across America have inverted their classrooms, and have found tremendous success doing so. I’m here to tell you what tools they’re using and where to find them. 672 more words