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CEM 21 No. 654 2014, Self-Promo

As one year ends and the beginning of another year approaches, it is appropriate to consider the projects that await my attention.

There are four tentative projects on the boards – two screenplays and two books, one non-fiction and one a work of fiction.   84 more words


From Screenplay To Screen: John Logan's The Last Samurai

Greetings Loved Ones! Liu Is The Name, And Views Are My Game.

As some of you might already know, my all-time goal is to become a screenwriter in Hollywood, and as some others of you may well be aware, the first step to becoming a successful screenwriter is learning the structure of a good screenplay. 3,290 more words

Film Analysis

…the Screenwriting Community gave to me, this tip:

When writing Blocks of Description give one topic its own paragraph, but keep each paragraph to just four sentences by choosing the most precise words.

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Inspiration in any form

For some time now I have not been able to write a single stanza.  I would like to pretend that it is because I a so busy. 354 more words


Bane of the Webcomicker - TMIS

Today I want to call attention to a very serious issue faced by webcomickers and storytellers around the world. It’s called Too Many Ideas Syndrome (TMIS) 1,735 more words


Epic Dan Harmon Speech

If you’re a writer, I defy you to not do a fist pump and yell “Yeah!!!” after listening to the last part of this pep talk from screenwriter Dan Harmon. 8 more words

Sloppy Seconds - Episode 2

Due to my perfectionism, I am not willing to share most of my screenplays I’ve written recently.  However, considering that one of my co-writers ( 137 more words