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Taglines, Loglines and the Haiku of Screenwriting

Simple Analogy (but maybe it Works)

Screenwriting is a well defined craft. There’s not a whole lot of room for flexibility…..at least not at first glance. 888 more words


Fortune Cookie

Jon, the producer trying to get me to write a film shot in China, told me a story about one of the Chinese industrialists he’s going to tap for money to finance the film, a friend of his named Yunru. 398 more words

Latest Project

After using occult methods in a last, desperate effort to save their vineyard from a crushing drought, a family becomes trapped by a storm, struggling to survive a series of increasingly sinister events. 8 more words


So You're Wondering How We Do It ...

Writing with a partner can create a number of challenges, among them being on the same page as to where the story’s going, who writes what/how to write what, and creating a screenplay that flows. 869 more words


The Inception of an Idea

Hi, all! It’s Amanda.

Eric and I have been very out-of-touch recently, from keeping in contact with all our business connection, as well as family and friends. 440 more words



I find it hard to write about myself, I have an ego, we all do, but I have never been comfortable with self promotion. However, if I want to publish on line I have to promote what I have written and myself. 261 more words


Thar Be Mermaids!

Last week I handed in the first draft of my screenplay to Gold Valley Films. It’s a musical animation feature with pirates, mermaids, ogres and a cast of talking creatures. 27 more words

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