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You like to read?

Of course, you do.

You like movies? Got a favorite movie? Or a favorite book that was made into a movie that you refuse to see because it can’t possibly be as good as the original? 294 more words


If I Was A Better Screenwriter, I'd Move To L.A.

If I was, like, a gifted screenwriter, I would save up the cash and try to make it in L.A.

But I’m just not that good. 159 more words


If I Was Younger, I'd Get Drunk

I just don’t drink anymore.

I have booze, and it just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

I can go weeks, months without drinking.

I’m kind of boring now. 230 more words


I Think Someone In L.A. Is Looking At My Extended Outline Of The Movie I Want To Write

This happened over at Nori Magazine:

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28 Jul 2014 15:01:19
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46 seconds
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121 more words


The Super-Deluxe Scenario

I’m kind of a kook.

I freely admit that.

And, here’s an example of something that I have thought about for months — if not years — and I’ve finally figured out the solution to. 414 more words


Where I'm At

A little background.  I attended Radio and Television Arts in Toronto during 90’s.  The program had a heavy writing component taught by Dr. Robert Gardner.  1,419 more words

My Gift To You: Signatory Agent List For Writers

My Gift to you painted in a red bow! 

I know that this blog is very long, but I hope that it will help writers. I am ALL for helping any writer. 2,236 more words