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Writing A Book Vs. Writing A Screenplay; No Contest...I Love Them Both

When it comes to writing, I love just about any kind of writing I can do. Poetry is probably the first I’ve tried and what I’ve done the most, but in more recent years, I’ve written books and screenplays. 1,534 more words

Dorothy Parker Week - Celebrating 'Our Lady of the Loudspeaker'

On this day in 1893, Dorothy Parker was born. This week, Penguin have been celebrating her literary works during, what they have proclaimed as, ‘Dorothy Parker Week’. 1,013 more words


Exposition Will Kill Your Screenplay!

“I’m so mad at you right this minute and I’m going to do bad things to you once I’m given the chance!” You ever read a character say this in a script? 175 more words


I See You

I’ve been watching you.

I know where you go.  I know when you go.

I know you, but, you don’t know me.

You will never know me, but, I will remember you.


5 Easy ways to make your Film for free!


As a dedicated and aspiring film maker, the need to find ways to create projects on small or zero budgets is always present.  In todays world, people like you and I can create quality films for the world to see from our own home.   684 more words


Human Touch

As individuals we’re all so connected in different ways. I’m in New Zealand and I bus home from work every day (sometimes I walk the 45 minutes home). 65 more words

Calling yourself a writer to the middle class can be like coming out of the closet to rednecks.

In 2005 I finished a science degree; this set me up for boring jobs. I was a logical thicker once. At least the job options paid.   253 more words

Travel Writing