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aajm: Conspiracy theories abound

There’s definitely something kooky going on with ls vimwiki/ | shuf -n1, because the next title picked is aajm. Between that, aview and… 338 more words


Why all your security spending’s are wasted

Any IT administrator will tell you that it’s important to protect your IT environment against unauthorized access. Typically security measures are username/password, firewalls, encrypted network traffic etc., but once you have the correct credentials access to company data is trivial. 688 more words

Taking Over

Writing a video game or a screensaver just isn’t as cool if you can’t take over the screen.  So here’s a quickie about how to do that.  2,150 more words

Art And Animation

ansiweather: One-line weather report, with frills

If it seems like most of the titles thus far are in the early part of the alphabet, that is only to be expected. There hasn’t been much of a chance to pull in titles from the latter half, after scraping through everything after about section N onward. 362 more words


Apple ][ Graphics as your Screensaver or Second Screen

Hipsters rejoice, you can actually make those high-tech IPS panels look like crap. Really nostalgic crap. wrote in to show how he displays weather data as his Apple ][ emulated screensaver… 504 more words

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