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Screenshots of the week

Grow, tilt and spread from Fibonacci seeds
* download scene here

Normal smoothing
by Gotetz

Hand rig
by Land-Y

Gear_mc rig
by Land-Y

by norvin_jp



Death in Path of Exile

I was recalling some forum posts this morning where some folks claim your character should never die. After several months of playing this game now, I fail to see how anyone can make such claims. 429 more words

A few more screenshots...

Hi everyone!

A request was made for a few more terrain pictures so here you go! I am in the process of playing around with the fog and other effects. 18 more words

Legends Of Aryiure

Screenshots of the week

Working with texture projections in ICE
by NNois

Travelling Wave with Softimage ICE

Internal to World Normal
by Land-Y

Basics of Joints in Maya

Joint Orientation and IK in Maya


Being A Werewolf in ESO

Screenshots of my friend Daedric in Elder Scrolls Online.  And a poem written by him the week he became a werewolf in-game.

I’m so hungry, 170 more words


Pracfour from PoE

You may be wondering about some of my character names in Path of Exile. I’m terrible at coming up with names and grow tired of seeing a constant flow of “name already taken” notices. 229 more words

The End of Ambush

The ending of the Ambush League is kind of a sad one for me. When I started to play this game my first character was, what I thought, naturally began in Ambush. 271 more words