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Screenshot #6

The original logo for “Uploader”. This had to be changed due to the sudden failure of a prop.

Jonah Ripley, Co-Producer, was going to supply a 1970s television to have placed in front of Tom in the beginning sequence, however due to unplanned events. 19 more words


Some Littler Things

The beauty isn’t always in the panoramic views. The littler details and areas are also fantastic. Much like in Skyrim, a lot of them have no bearing on the game itself – they are just there to tell their own small, often sad story.

Elder Scrolls Online

An Anchor Landing

I have now seen this countless times, but the first time I came across it I was in awe.

Firstly, there’s a bunch of chanting. 98 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

Waiting for WoD

We have arrived at that time when many, if not most players, have worked their way through the Pandarian expansion. Like all the expansions past there is now a lull, a waiting time for the next new adventure to work it’s way through alpha and beta testing for release. 475 more words


Skyrim: Meet the Thief

This is Azula, my current Skyrim file. She’s a level 13 thief at the moment, half way through the Thieve’s Guild quest line. She just received her Nightingale broadsword. 374 more words