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Martin Scorsese's Guardians of the Galaxy (1974)

Maybe it was that Cantinflas trailer before the movie, but ever since seeing Guardians of the Galaxy last week, I’ve had this insane urge to remake it into a low-budget ‘70s film with gloriously crappy special effects, hokey raccoon make-up and tree suits, and no CGI, if only to see masked Mexican wrestling legend… 100 more words


Journaling = Perspective

Around this time last year, I began to use a online journal called Penzu. Not working on my screenplays on the weekends, this fulfilled a promise to myself to write everyday. 364 more words


Matthew Weiner on Screenwriting

The Paris Review —that hipster-ish magazine that must be read with horn-rimmed glasses while smoking a pipe— features a not too frequent series of interviews with screenwriters under the title, “The Art Of Screenwriting.” I have only read… 365 more words


A Dose of Inspiration (for Screenwriters)

While exploring on Twitter, I stumbled upon @SceneHeadings – a page made to give screenwriters fresh ideas on a daily basis. I’ve decided to come up with my own list to reference on a day when I have writer’s block. 60 more words


At The Midnight Hour

I’ve never thought to write a blog post at midnight, Modern Philosophers, so let’s see what happens when I give it a shot.

For one thing, it’s very difficult to concentrate with the Grandfather’s Clock in the Sun Room tolling the hour.  312 more words


Hump Not, Lest Ye Be Humped

Happy Hump Day, Modern Philosophers!

I know last night’s blog post gave every indication that it was going to be a relaxing night at The House on the Hill as I ate pizza with my favorite Werewolf, but things changed after Gary left. 489 more words