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Peaky Blinders. Theme: The Rise of a King

In the opening ten minutes, as Thomas Shelby rides majestically through the backstreets of Birmingham on a beautiful black horse, dressed immaculately in three piece suit, polished black shoes and a gold watch chain – it’s a stark contrast with the dirt and grime of the laborers and beggars around him. 357 more words


Screenplay Treatment: I Have Something To Tell You

Hello, one of my new year’s resolutions was to plan my screenplays more carefully by making a habit of writing treatments and log lines. It is a process that makes me restless and frustrated, the mad urge to just start writing starts gnawing at me. 528 more words


I asked multi-produced screenwriter Mark Sanderson aka @scriptcat this question:

What’s the most important thing you show in the opening ten pages?

This was his reply: 153 more words


3 ways to show character.

As I explore the opening 10 minutes of Peaky Blinders it’s clear that Steven Knight shows Thomas Shelby’ character visually, through action, in 3 ways. 64 more words


Where have you been!?!

I know, I know. It’s been way too long.

I don’t want to bore you with the details so here is a short answer: sick, working overtime at work, hung over and tired from those previous things. 1,192 more words


Am I The Only Worker Bee Searching for A Hive?

I’m a screenwriter, and I enjoy writing animated films. I enjoy the writing style of animation screenplays (lots of action, short dialogue and short scenes), and that is what I am working towards with my own screenplays. 318 more words