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Writing Out of Writer's Block

Writer’s Block, the myth, the demon, the legend.  Someone should make a movie trailer about the journey to slay the demon, the entity that lives in every writer’s nightmare. 504 more words


Tightening a Story Series: Introduction

In one of my previous posts, The Significance of 120, I touched on story length.  I discussed how frustrating it is to hear “your script must not be more than 120 pages” from one person, while another tells you that “your story will be as long as it needs to be.”  Writers are typically told to make sure their stories fit the industry standards, and yet, I think we’re all aware of successful exceptions to the rule (the fantastic movies that are over two hours, or the 600 page books that kids eagerly devour).  464 more words


Those first baby steps

On my screenwriting journey there are a number of places I’ve been a lot, wherever I’ve been. So there’s a riddle for you.

Okay, you guessed it, clever thing, I’m talking about websites. 573 more words

Chris Jones

Gaining Perspective

There are two major categories of research I believe that writers need to spend time on.

First, the most obvious, is research relating to the story being written.  776 more words


The Emotions of Storytelling Part 4: Alone-ness

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem

Assalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu!

I’m deep into a comedy pass for Whose Wife Is It Anyway.

But I keep getting distracted. 621 more words


‘Remembering Why I Want to Make Movies: Feminism, Cancer, and Family’ by Rebecca Livengood

Wisconsin-raised Rebecca Livengood on her new project JUNE FALLING DOWN – A feature film about a young woman returning home for the wedding her best friend – and the one year anniversary of her father’s death. 225 more words


‘Inside the Heart of a Poet – Fictionalizing Jim Morrison’s final days with 'The Last Beat' by Robert Saitzyk

Sundance alum Robert Saitzyk on his fictional film attempting to explore the psychology of who Jim Morrison might have been at the end of his life. 60 more words