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‘Remembering Why I Want to Make Movies: Feminism, Cancer, and Family’ by Rebecca Livengood

Wisconsin-raised Rebecca Livengood on her new project JUNE FALLING DOWN – A feature film about a young woman returning home for the wedding her best friend – and the one year anniversary of her father’s death. 225 more words


‘Inside the Heart of a Poet – Fictionalizing Jim Morrison’s final days with 'The Last Beat' by Robert Saitzyk

Sundance alum Robert Saitzyk on his fictional film attempting to explore the psychology of who Jim Morrison might have been at the end of his life. 60 more words


Angels with Dirty Faces and Truby

John Truby’s book The Anatomy of Story details how to write a story about a hero with a moral flaw. He teaches storytelling with moral argument, moral needs and moral vision. 201 more words


Screenwriting Nuggets on Twitter

Ah, Twitter, the more I know you, the more I like you. It’s like the best long-distance relationship one can have. Communication is short, and sweet when life is busy, and long and thoughtful when we have the time to sit down and really communicate. 428 more words


“Can You Read My Script?”

I’ve been on both sides of this question. It seems pretty harmless, doesn’t it?

When someone asks me to read their script, I always say yes. 732 more words


The Art of Structure and the Structure of Art

Something I love about writing is that it’s this fantastic blend of art and structure.  Both are incredibly important, but one without the other will hold a story back from achieving the greatness that it could. 401 more words