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Professor/Pirate Steven Soderbergh

“I’m not saying I’m like, ALLOWED to do this.”
Steven Soderbergh (on going Jack Sparrow with a Spielberg classic) 

I know it’s now officially Fall, but the… 533 more words


Flogging the Blog

Did you miss me? Probably not. With the incessant barrage of Tweets, Facebook posts, Linked In messages, etc., blogs like this one are slowly fading away. 1,378 more words


Work, Writing, and Walter White

Everything we do involves a choice on some level.  We may not realize it, accept it, or think that we have it.  But for pretty much everyone I know at least, there are virtually no choices that we do not have some control over.  448 more words


'The greatest film ever made.'

“I haven’t seen too many films since Blade Runner (1982) to be honest with you.”
Director William Friedkin in a 2012 interview

William Friedkin tells of something he did on the road to becoming an Oscar-winning director ( 424 more words


9/10/14 II: The Treatment

To discuss earlier from post 9/10/14, I wrote a treatment (plot summary) a while back for a Douglas Sirk-inspired melodrama with hopes of turning it into a screenplay. 291 more words