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On Gate-Keeping

I recently came across an aspiring screenwriter who wanted some feedback.  This aspiring screenwriter has written several screenplays (on spec) and hopefully learned and improved their craft along the way.   623 more words


From ink, to Wolfblood! Writing for the big screen

Screenwriting is a career many avid wordsmiths are clambering to get into, but let’s face it, how many of us who fancy the idea would even know where to start? 192 more words


Tetris: The Movie????

Most of my friends know my stance on remakes, reboots, and adaptations.  I think some are more than necessary given the advancement in technology within film and how a story can be shifted and shaped for an audience to make it believable.   180 more words

The Power of 5

Even though 5 is like my least favorite number, I have been thinking about just how many good things come in five.  For instance, the five senses, five fingers and toes on each hand and foot, there are five oceans, clocks go by every five minutes, the five elements, five Olympic rings, and let’s not forget maybe the best of all (well maybe for all my ’90s kids): N’Sync had five members! 604 more words

Hell Comes To Hollywood 2 features "Welcome To The Jungle" Out October 1st!

Great news! My short story, “Welcome To The Jungle” is appearing in “Hell Comes To Hollywood II: Twenty-Two More Tales of Tinseltown Terror”.

The book is a sequel to the acclaimed “Hell Comes To Hollywood”. 467 more words


#SixWeekSpec Challenge: Update 3 - Distractions a.k.a Excuses

I know you just read the headline for this post and thought, “Oh, boy. Here we go with the excuses. Just write the damn thing already! 158 more words

X-Men: The New Age (pgs.128-144)

X-Men: The New Age (pgs.128-144) of 199
Story by Eric Christopher Jackson


Jim Slade and his staff are on the phones contacting as many representatives as possible to find out what’s going on in their countries. 3,498 more words

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