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Back in the saddle

Good news on the writing (procrastination) front! My 40,000-word MPhil dissertation was submitted on 19 March, with two external markers currently assessing it. I should hear back in late May as to what, if any (but likely), changes are required before the dissertation can be finalised and the degree awarded. 325 more words

On Writing

BE Picky

On April 12 the Writers Guild Foundation and Austin Film Festival hosted a screenwriting symposium. Four different panels tracked the craft “From First Draft to Feature” and there I was, a fresh-out-of-it’s-plastic-wrapping sponge, soaking it all in. 309 more words

Episode 20

The new one is out! Listen to us talk about Chuck Chaplin, the NSA,

and why trying to get into the New Yorker is probably a waste of your time. 14 more words


I came across this while looking for a document. It is Ted Hope’s 99 Recommended Steps For Making Good Movies. I copied and saved it when it came out so I would always have it.  686 more words


A Little Writing Help

I’m feeling sort of negative today.  A few things have compounded leaving me a little sour.  So rather than give into those feelings or give them any power, I’ve decided to be helpful.   297 more words


'Ordinary People' Golf Scene

“I have no daily process. I have trouble calling myself a writer. It was never a plan of mine. I learned to type in the Navy’s communication corps, learned Morse code and how to type at 100 words a minute (I never went to war). 127 more words


Introduce your character with character

When we, the reader, first meet an important character in your script, how do you describe them? What are the important details?

A lot of the time, the emphasis is on their physical traits – “tall”, “imposing”, “blonde”, “handsome”, “drop-dead gorgeous”, etc. 329 more words