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CEM 21 No. 201 2014, Screenwriting

A screenplay I wrote several years ago has gained new life because of interest in it by a producer, who first heard about from someone I knew in college. 148 more words


I Answer 20 Questions Posed by an Industry Screenwriting Professional


I write in my kitchen, standing up. My electric stove serves as my desk, even though I have a desk upstairs. 937 more words

Lights, Camera, Action!

I’ve been extremely busy in the past week, so let me tell you about just one of the more exciting bits of my busyness.

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to work on a friend’s graduate short film. 314 more words



After making it into Nicholl quaterfinals last week, I got a 4/10 in a Blcklist.com review this week.

Now, I can and will go off on how incompetent this reader was. 637 more words

Storytelling, But In Which Medium?

I’ve been interested in storytelling since I was a wee one – my time with Lego and GI Joe figures was very rarely based around simple action and destruction, though that had its place, but rather around telling dramatic stories.  1,208 more words


On Pushing Yourself and Doing the Work

I don’t think there is such a thing as demanding too much of yourself too soon, no way. I think that sometimes, if the stakes are high enough and the desire is strong enough, baptism by fire is the most invigorating, life-affirming thing. 71 more words