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Here's what you need to know

As the rewrite/polish of the mystery-comedy continues, it suddenly hit me that while I knew the backstory of what came before, somebody reading it for the first time would have no idea what was going on, or at least how we got here. 143 more words




Back in the late 90s, I drove a dump truck and labored for a Portuguese contractor in the city of Peekskill, New York. That’s me, second from right. 31 more words


The Date #Gointothestory DAY 11 scene



Swarthy confident David and a glowing but nervous Clarissa are having candle-lit dinner at a restaurant. Sunset can be seen from the window. 367 more words


All Grown Up

Today, the daughter of some very dear friends of mine turns 18. Thinking back to the day of her birth, it seems barely possible to believe she’s now an adult. 607 more words


My New Cunning Plan

OK, so, I have a new “cunning plan,” my original idea with this blog was to practice and showcase my writing.
Whilst working on a screenplay the other day I was engrossed in a series I was watching called “Black Mirror.” If you haven’t seen it then do so, its incredible. 105 more words

Telling Our Own Shadow Stories

“I think it’s impossible to be a writer and not draw from your own life…I see shadows all of the time in my work—things from my life.” 235 more words


Our Campaign For The Zen Of Surf Dude Pug...Pugsley Luigi! | Indiegogo

The Zen Of Surf Dude Pug…Pugsley Luigi! | Indiegogo.

A Zen Puggie Attitude From A Doggie Perspective…With BIG…BIG Dreams

“Never steal candy from a baby…when you can share their breakfast instead!” 604 more words