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Talking Troubles

I’ve spoken about this. I really think I have but oh well.

I believe writing can be taught, to a level. It’s past this level that everything gets a bit too strict for me. 134 more words


Agents' Advice for Young Screenwriters: To Begin, Be Great

Your college screenwriting professor always said if you want a writing career, “Write about what you know.” And to get that big break, “It’s who you know that counts.” 429 more words

Weekly Online

Diversity on screen could help race relations

If there’s one thing #Ferguson proves, it’s that we are still not okay. Racism is rampant. Race relations are poor. Authority has not dispersed across different races, genders and creeds. 422 more words


My Screenwriting Curriculum (It's Not What You Think)

Before I sit down and do any screenwriting, I need to get an education on the matter. But how?

The school of hard knocks is great, and I can hardly knock it, but I believe there needs to be a certain threshold of familiarity with the medium before I start getting slapped around and bruising my ego. 1,294 more words


'What Happens Next?'—Mamet

 “I write dialogue fairly easily. Plot is a big pain in the ass.”
David Mamet

“The question is how do you get somebody to suspend their disbelief—that’s the central question in drama. 203 more words


What To Do Once The Screenplay Is Written

Originally published by Raindance.

I’m currently going through the experience of writing a screenplay myself, and aside from the required self-motivation, self-discipline and self-criticism, it can hard to know where to go with it once you’ve actually written the damn thing. 1,442 more words