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Welcome to Driftwood Doll Films

A welcome and introduction for new visitors to the page ;)

Driftwood Doll Films is a start-up independent film production company based in Dublin.  It was founded by producer Eilis Abbott and screenwriter Michael O’Dwyer for our own film projects, but also with the intention of driving other people’s projects and ideas towards production.  

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Movie Flaws, Personality & DNA

Jake Gittes: There’s some black in the green part of your eye.
Evelyn Mulwray: Oh, that. It’s a…it’s a flaw in the iris.
Chinatown written by Robert Towne… 277 more words


Hearing Voices, Writer Style

Part of being a writer is hearing voices in your head. To be more accurate, it’s often a case of hearing dialogue in vague voices. I tend to “cast” my characters with actors I like, because it helps a lot with voice and characterization. 658 more words


CEM 21 No. 201 2014, Screenwriting

A screenplay I wrote several years ago has gained new life because of interest in it by a producer, who first heard about from someone I knew in college. 148 more words


I Answer 20 Questions Posed by an Industry Screenwriting Professional


I write in my kitchen, standing up. My electric stove serves as my desk, even though I have a desk upstairs. 937 more words

Lights, Camera, Action!

I’ve been extremely busy in the past week, so let me tell you about just one of the more exciting bits of my busyness.

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to work on a friend’s graduate short film. 314 more words