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Late Joan Rivers’ throat procedure which led to her death on September 4 this year was already completed before her brain started losing oxygen and there were no underlying causes to explain the star’s death, a source close to the investigation has told TMZ. 195 more words


My middle name is screw up.

I’m a monumental fuck up
And all I want to do is binge and purge until my heart finally stops.

VIDEO: Alex Trebek's Major Jeopardy FAIL

Alex Trebek has been the host of Jeopardy since 1984.

For thirty years, we’ve been waiting for him to mess up. Yet, he has not! Trebek constantly appears knowledgeable on all topics. 125 more words


Screw Up: or, That Damned Coffee Cup

I was recently meandering through my Facebook newsfeed, as we all do from time to time. Unfortunately, my time to time is actually far more than I care to admit. 735 more words


I Screwed Up

“To err is human… to really screw something up takes a computer.” ~ Unknown

It’s not enough that I screwed up but I did it squared.

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Begining Again

screw up

I’m feeling awful right now.  I screwed up.  I purged.  I went  almost 3 months without doing it and now I ruined it.  I’m so tired.   82 more words