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Six cycles and too many injections to count. Calendars to follow and tracking injections on the right day at the right time on and off for the past two years. 380 more words

Royal Rumble 2015 - Screwed up like last year.

Royal Rumble 2015 was another disappointment. Vince McMahon showed how stupid he truly is by repeating 2014’s mistakes. 397 more words


Yikes! Idina Menzel BOTCHES "Let It Go"

Right when you think Idina Menzel would fade from the spotlight, the internet explodes. Second to Adele Dazeem, her New Year’s Eve performance became infamous in seconds. 108 more words

Admit When You Screw Up;

Just before my nineteenth Birthday, I started working as a lineman for a utility company. I was a skinny, young smart ass who thought he knew it all. 391 more words

Dick Powell

Yes, You Can Screw Up a Hamburger

A homemade hamburger is one of the easier foods you can make, all you need to get started is some ground beef, a bun and the rest is left to your imagination. 574 more words

Rambling Thoughts

Spin On The Word Extreme

According to Spin News Justin Bieber ‘Attempted an extreme stunt.’ Extreme, he tried to ollie four stairs. Yet again Bieber is in the news for his antics on a board.   49 more words


Edible Body Scrub

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but you could really eat this body scrub. All the ingredients in it are edible and it tastes good enough to eat, so why not take a spoon with you to the shower? 463 more words