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The Ups and Downs of My First Week of School

Great things happened, and not so great things happened, but it was overall, really tiring! Most of my teachers seem nice, but others aren’t my favorites. 556 more words



100 Happy Days – Day 14
Does this count since it was technically last night – Red Bulls won their first CONCACAF match!!!  Wooo.

I am writing early to hopefully get it out of my head.   232 more words

100 Happy Days

I was in the Hospital again...

So, after two days of leaking out watery blood that was smelling horrible I called the office again, this time they told me to go to the ER. 721 more words

Chronic Pain

Dates after a Heartbreak (7)

July 14th
Another date with Bethany
what the hell did I do

She had asked me to stay the night on Sunday but I told her no. 172 more words

Dating After A Heart Break

what is the most catastrophic mistake done by an intern in a tech company?

I sat at the MySQL console for the production web application database and typed:

DELETE FROM tablename WHERE id – 1234;

…and hit return.

Note that I typed “id – 1234″, not “id = 1234″. 

43 more words

Game Released Seven Months Ahead Of Time

I’ve heard of game pics and info being released, but the entire game is a new concept. 215 more words