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Screw Up: or, That Damned Coffee Cup

I was recently meandering through my Facebook newsfeed, as we all do from time to time. Unfortunately, my time to time is actually far more than I care to admit. 735 more words


I Screwed Up

“To err is human… to really screw something up takes a computer.” ~ Unknown

It’s not enough that I screwed up but I did it squared.

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screw up

I’m feeling awful right now.  I screwed up.  I purged.  I went  almost 3 months without doing it and now I ruined it.  I’m so tired.   82 more words

Urban Outfitters: a Saga of Bad Taste

No matter how hard some people try, they just keep screwing up. It’s always the same narrative of one ill-founded decision after the other, like Lindsey Lohan or, my favorite issue-laden celeb, Shia LaBeouff. 617 more words

Young Adult Life

The Ups and Downs of My First Week of School

Great things happened, and not so great things happened, but it was overall, really tiring! Most of my teachers seem nice, but others aren’t my favorites. 556 more words



100 Happy Days – Day 14
Does this count since it was technically last night – Red Bulls won their first CONCACAF match!!!  Wooo.

I am writing early to hopefully get it out of my head.   232 more words

100 Happy Days