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Three Best Words of Advice

Not that I haven’t received much advice, but being forgetful, I’ve a brief list of some of the best advice I remember receiving:

1. “If someone offers you money, never reject it.” – grandfather, John Palmer… 20 more words


Four years later

Am I getting depressed? I hope not.

Am I sad? There are few things that is keeping me afloat but now I want to just let go of everything and just drown in this ice cold river of life. 248 more words



Have any of you ever royally screwed up a Christmas present? Or had a gift that fell completely flat? Or maybe you thought you got something totally awesome and your kid’s reaction didn’t quite meet your expectation? 1,521 more words


Thankgiving Reflection: That Time I Ran An Illegal Baking Service

Guys, I don’t mean I sold pot. But I did intend to sell my wares to those who were using pot.

It was years ago, and an entrepreneurial friend of mine came up with the idea to start a late-night dessert delivery service and asked me if I wanted to help. 1,037 more words


Screw Ups

What’s that saying? Nobody’s perfect? Yeah, I think that’s it.

We all screw up. Some of us more than others, admittedly, but we all have those moments of unbearable regret, embarrassment and, sometimes, pain. 486 more words

6 inches from a face plant

Oh hey.. I haven’t written in twelve hundred years. Sorry? Prepare for a rant. But a purposeful rant. If you don’t read any of this, at least read the bottom. 457 more words


OOPS: The Whole Fireworks Display Just Blew Up All At Once In Italy

It’s the beginning and grand finale all in one!  Watch some fireworks guy screw up and set off the entire show all at one time.  Jenkins you had ONE job! 21 more words