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What have you clicked away from?

I’ve been taking part in a 30 Day Challenge to get “something” completed with the support of an online community. ¬†Currently I am busy recording videos so that I can offer an online happiness course soon… 128 more words

30 day challenge - week 4 - the end

The last week of my 30 Day Challenge (30DC) was quite busy, so I didn’t manage to get out and explore as much as I had in previous weeks. 672 more words

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge - week 3

So this week I started writing up my e-book, just 20 minutes a day. At the moment I plan it to be a guide to the ‘hidden gems’ of Maidenhead, but I’m going to finish writing it before I decide exactly what form it will take. 314 more words


30 Day Challenge - week 2

I haven’t done as much this week on the 30 Day Challenge, as I was away for work in Barcelona for 2 days, arriving back very tired on the Wednesday morning. 364 more words


30 Day Challenge - week 1

So in my previous post I explained that I was going to be doing the 30 Day Challenge again, and that started on Sunday 1st June. 413 more words


Day 3

(I feel like I need to read that title in a Geordie accent)

So today on the 30DC we learned about Microblocking: Timing yourself for 20 minutes and shutting off all distractions to achieve ultimate productivity. 263 more words