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How The Pan Book of Horror Stories shaped my love for horror writing

When I was still in school I used to go to the bookshop to get my dose of high from books. I found this horrific looking cover which really attracted me and I got it for about five bucks. 159 more words


Watched a bunch of movies [Hachiko,JackReacher,RIPD]

I just watched three movies within 24 hours in between my anime, games, Facebook and another part of life(like eating showers sleep). They are Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, Jack Reacher and RIPD. 978 more words

I'm Not At San Diego #ComicCon

I have been an attendee of Comic Con since 2011. I think every single person in the universe should experience going to Comic Con at least once in their lifetime. 253 more words


Cleaning My Slate.

It’s been days I’ve been pondering on a lot of things, from small to big things. Not just my life but the things going on around me.. 1,032 more words


Thinking Out Loud.. Again.

Instead of bashing and hurting our butts on things that we didn’t have or can’t have, why can’t we just be grateful and appreciate what we have?
- MC

Himecchi <3

Himecchi, or her full name is Haruno Hime.

I think she is the cutest character in the series, just get overshadowed a bit by Tsumiki’s personality. 195 more words