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While forcing my lazy self to review for our qualifying exam, I encountered some scribbles (that I’ve made during those boring-reading-times). See, there are a lot of scribbles on certain leaves of my books and since nothing has inspired me yet to write on some important matters, might as well just leave you with these. 600 more words

Randomly Thought

When did I grow up?

Solitude time floods you with so many thoughts. Can’t imagine myself so grown up, there was a day when I was standing on the front of papa’s scooter and shouting,”Yes papa, we left that vehicle behind too.” but now I am driving my own bike leaving wheeler behind. 197 more words


Stranger in White

Lips left words untold,

Back turns unhold,

Longing in the eyes have been unfold

Gone with heavy heart,

‘Till I saw you just inches apart, 8 more words


April Showers Bring May Flowers Pt 1

Entah harus darimana aku menulis kisah ini. Jujur saja emosiku akhir-akhir ini memang unstable. Aku tak begitu paham apa gerangan yang membuatku seperti ini. Di kantor tidak ada hal yang membuatku tak enak bekerja, di kampus tak ada hal yang membuatku suntuk untuk kuliah, begitupun dalam hal komunikasi dengan teman-teman dan keluargaku sejauh ini baik-baik saja. 691 more words