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2D vs 3D - Why Pick just one?

There was one time I shared a picture from AHO cosplay into a loli interest facebook group.

What i feel weird about is how one of them reply my post with this: 267 more words



This is why the studios at uni should be open 24 hours. I can’t sleep, I have left all my art materials in uni and I’m bored of watching the same DVD’s about murders… My alarm is set for 5 hours, is there any point in sleeping? 10 more words

Planned Lifetime Extension

Headquarters of the United Nations, November 17, 2014…

“We have observed your culture for some time,” Ambassador said to the assembled heads of state. “While lamenting how utterly ephemeral much of it is, we recognise your yearning for legacy, for permanence, to write your names in history. 363 more words


Sketchy Panda

Yesterday I was sifting through my stack of half-finished bedtime evening doodles and decided what to keep and what to trash. one of those things to keep is the little Panda below which inevitably was one of those ideas that came to mind while I was trying my hand at the… 53 more words

The Inspirational

Three Places Where Folks Have Been Known To Doodle (2006)

1. At a meeting.

2. Near any telephone.

3. At the White House.


In the book, “Presidential Doodles, scribble, scrabble-

In that favorite pasttime, our Presidents, did dabble!


Hackaday Links: October 19, 2014

Introducing the Hayes Smartmodem 1200. The era of the single station microcomputer…. is over. The Hayes Smartmodem offers advanced features like auto answer and auto dial. 231 more words

Hackaday Links

someone said Japanese are evil

I was talking to some friends about how I started to have interest in Japan because I watch anime (or what these common folks call cartoon, i say it is different, but well… they are still animation). 972 more words