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Into Oriador!

Time for some new WIPs!
I’ve started to concatenate some scenes of the book’s PoV threads, which resulted in a consecutive sequence of 167 pages so far. 100 more words


Sem data.

I give myself to my own pleasures
I give myself
empty screams

blank pages

everything but reason intact

If love is so satisfying, then why is it so easy to deny? 35 more words

It's Beginning To Look Like A Lot Of Christmases

“This is a disaster,” said the Chief Elf, “we’ll never get all the presents delivered on time. Come on, you, get moving.”
“Calm down,” said Father Christmas. 238 more words


There the prisoners rest together

For forty years my grandfather had smoked 80 cigarettes every day and drunk 400 units of alcohol every week. How were we supposed to avenge his death as he demanded of us with his final reeking breath? 290 more words


wishing well

discontent quitter.

her higher level downers.

just for a night.

just for tonight she’s on her knees.

mute & deaf, blind & numb.

senses terminated right on time. 44 more words


Blabber - 12

When our situation or feeling or relationship is too good, we never think or never open our ears to those things may be an argument, advice, statement or talk which is purely fact. 92 more words


Accept them for who they are

Human is not perfect.

And human are similar, yet they are unique. Generally we all have a head, two hands, two legs and a body. (except some special cases). 145 more words