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If it were not for guests all houses would be graves

“I don’t know why you’re being like this,” he said, “I was only trying to be nice.”
I didn’t say anything.
“I’m just trying to provide a better service, you know? 196 more words


Sent To Try

Hanuman the Monkey God was wondering where his ID card had got to. He’d waited in between 8 and 5 for three days and it still hadn’t arrived. 211 more words


"Project 6"

“Love” – was never my area to venture. I always wanted to do some sort on romance but never got the courage to do.

So here it comes the “Project 6″. 122 more words


The Polish Wife

Playtime 2010; Collage & Colored Pencil.
h6 x w6 in.  Image from sketchbook.

The Polish Wife
My lover found a wife,
She seems very nice, 16 more words


Cô gái trong chiếc váy màu xanh ngọc

Anh nhìn thấy cô lần đầu tiên vào một ngày đầu thu lãng đãng mây trôi. Trong một góc công viên. Gió thu nhè nhẹ vờn mái tóc xoăn dài buông xõa của cô, rồi đôi lần tham lam lướt qua thổi bay vạt váy màu xanh ngọc của cô. 390 more words

300 Chữ

A little out of hand

“To be perfectly honest with you,” I said, “I simply cannot wait for this blasted Indian summer to be over. I decide to enjoy a cold gin in the unexpected September sunshine and the next thing I know I’m embroiled in something like this. 220 more words


Not a hard-working family friendly establishment

The landlord of the Last Chance Saloon had mixed feelings. Business was booming like never before but he wondered if that was a good thing. 253 more words