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Tacit turns

“Wake up,” said Agent 000A.
“Hmmm? What?” said Agent 000B.
“Wake up.”
“We there?”
“Just about.”
“I slept.”
“You slept.”
“You didn’t?”
“I didn’t.”
“Your loss.” 191 more words


The Crossroads Battle

Time for more “Hrug’s War” WIPs again.

I’m about to block out the comic’s first “real” “military” combat action:
south of the Great Cataracts of Melondel, two ancient roads cross – one, which once connected the North of Olveare with the ancient seaside towns at the Oriador opening, and another one, which leads from Eastern Olveare right to the Cliff (note to self: need to provide a map …). 58 more words


The Insomniac's Dream

She couldn’t sleep.

She was laying there, sheets pulled tight, eyes firmly shut, her head resting on the pillow, doing all the things that someone was supposed to do late at night, but for some reason sleep wouldn’t come. 1,823 more words

Going Green: A Review of Diamine 150th Anniversary Tropical Green

First impressions count, or so they say... However they don’t always count for everything and sometimes can just be plain wrong. How boring would the world be if everything and everybody in it could be sized up and assayed in the twinkling of an eye. 398 more words

Fountain Pen

The Wisdom Of Hats

She had lived long enough in the south-east to know never to trust the promise of a sunny day in January.

Sure, when she had opened her eyes that morning and looked through the tumbled mess of hair that had fallen through the night across her face somehow inevitably finding its way into the corners of her mouth, she had seen the light creeping in through the blinds. 2,249 more words

Scribble #1

Dear Scribble,

I woke up with a body ache today.
It is because of a hill I climbed yesterday.
And I didn’t even reach the top! 23 more words