Tags » Scribbling Spiritual Sand

A Child Dwell

Hold the banner for Him we seek
for His resting place is glorious.
May earth be filled even overflow
with knowledge of the Lord,
as waters of the endless sea. 74 more words


As I amble amber path early morn
the raven rears his beady head and calls,
a locomotive’s moan looms the spring air;
as tadpoles test sallow, murky pond. 44 more words

Teach a Child in the Way

“Let my teaching drop as the rain,
My speech distill as the dew,
As raindrops on the tender herb,
And as showers on the grass.”
125 more words

Wolf’s Whippoorwill

photo by: Nancy Landry

An enduring Wisconsin whippoorwill;
I heard upon waterbed drift lonesome.
Heard its mournful echo faint and hollow.
Its whimper wooed, wooed, wooed; 94 more words

Destructive Seeds

Day seated where wind blows;
through willow weeping from storms.
Pale goes heavenly bodies,
tall mountains shake… quiver,
the gazelle grazes no more!
Did our help wash with the rains? 144 more words

Holy Seed

Cut down the tree or trim its branches
Prune dead wood unworthy to remain
Fetch the gardener, fell the rusty ax

Look, new growth beneath fresh flax… 109 more words