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Hurrian Hymn No. 6

The world’s oldest known melody. ¬†Inspiration for¬†Scribe,¬†a new novel I’m undertaking about the world’s first recorded poet, the Mesopotamian priestess Enheduanna, and her goddess, Ishtar.


Twilight of the Scribes

The BBC has a short piece on the vanishing of professional letter-writers in India (link). A generation ago, someone who wanted a letter written or a package addressed could hire someone to do that for them outside most post offices in big cities. 222 more words


So one day we had a visitor

Oh yes, we get lots of visitors here, but this one was special. An unannounced one too. That was a bit tricky, you should never come over unannounced. 455 more words


Thoughts & Stories on Content Marketing

I like to think of content marketing as a vision and the communication of that vision. Words, pictures and videos help bring the vision alive. The visual aesthetics come after and work harmoniously with the communicated vision. 527 more words

DigiMark 2.3


“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” ~ Confucius


The tongue is as ignorant as the mind.

A boast is just a hoax of the mind.

The truth is prevalent to the viewer and distressed to the seeker.