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Innovation Nation

At the FICP Fall Symposium, we had Collective Next present a session on innovation. They are a consultant group that 2 of our volunteers had used for innovation projects at their own companies. 165 more words

Attendee Experience

The Scribe - Short Novella For A Contest

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’m entering a writing contest, and may be entering an art contest.  Both are local contests–however–I don’t yet feel confident enough to enter my art in an actual contest.   706 more words

The Going Ons Of Thegirlnamedjack's Life


“We’ve got to learn to not let the busyness, the frustration, the stress get on the inside. It may be very hectic on the outside, but deep down in your Spirit, there needs to be a calmness, a rest to where you know God has you in the palm of His hand.”  __Joel Osteen… 108 more words


What is a maddened mind set loose to do with itself for our calendared, commandeered seven days of an enslaved week?!

It’s almost enough to bring the flux to laugh out loud! 281 more words


The Scribe Magazine - Old and New

This all started a few weeks back when a good friend tried to embarrass me on facebook by finding old scribe covers that I happened to be on. 508 more words



The greatest LIVING thing we have is God, Home, (H)eartH, Kinship, One!

In GOD’s name I reflect, and God is not in a story, he is within Me, within We, with or without our stories… So I believe. 104 more words


From the OED

librarian /0lʌɪˈbrɛ:rɪən/ noun. L17.

†1 A scribe, a copyist. L17–E18.

2 A person in charge of a library; an assistant in a library; a person trained or qualified to work in a library. 17 more words