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I wish you had stayed - Short Film

I turned my short story “I wish you had stayed” into a script for a short film. Here are the opening scenes. Thoughts?



They were sitting on the sofa, watching TV or at least trying to. He had the remote control in his hands. Pressed the button, changed the channels from comedy shows you would never be able to laugh about or the same 90’s movies they keep repeating. 353 more words


"I want to live my new life”

“Living the new life’ Are you living your new life? I know we all have been in situations and had lifestyles that needed change. I would like to share, help, encourage, and inspire someone to live the new life that is waiting for you. 516 more words


Kids say the subtlest things

People often ask me. Do they? No shut-up. What makes a good unrequited love scene. There seems to be two main tropes that writers fall into with this. 1,010 more words


Part 3 ready.

I uploaded Part 3 of Silence follows the Laughter and forgot to mention it. One thing that is throwing me is how this site works overall. 29 more words


Playlist of the week

Well I have had an interesting week with a definite mixture of emotions. This week has had its major ups and downs and I hope these 5 songs represent that.

Playlist of the Week