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Unwritten Story

I have learn to answer my own questions

Learn to ask the same questions

I have learn to draw my face on a board

Practice the with the best colors to Accenture my rectangular features… 146 more words

Time Remaining for SQL task/ Percentage Compelte (Backup/ Restore)

When we take a backup or restore a database using command, we always like to track the progress. This SQL script helps you to do the same! 78 more words


De noche o de día.

Dejémonos llevar

por nuestro profundo interior,

sin fantasmas, ni espejismos

que sucumban la razón.

Demos el paso

sin mirar atrás,

sin complejos, sin temores

y elevemos nuestras pasiones. 269 more words


She Killed Me: Episode 2 - The Beginning (part 1 of 7)

The Beginning (part 1 of 7)

Click here for Episode Guide.

The white canvas of 140 grams per square meter stares at me with its pale face, mock me, laughs at me as I can not do anything with it. 290 more words



So I’ve decided it’s going to be a quick 30 second profile type thing.

Basic shot list.




- I LOVE… 127 more words

Framestore Personal Project

Import–Export VM custom attributes from vCenter with PowerCLI

Some time ago, during a migration, I needed to migrate all VM custom attributes from a cluster in a first vCenter to another one.

As easy (and boring…) as is to just retype the attributes value, there was over 400 VMs, and I didn’t want to do this by hand. 201 more words


Import–Export dei custom attributes delle VM tramite PowerCLI

Qualche tempo fa, durante una migrazione, mi e’ capitato di dover migrare tutti i valori degli attributi custom delle VM da un vCenter ad un altro. 256 more words