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Exchange-Processor Query Tool: PoSH Edition

Anyone sizing for Exchange Server 2013 or even still Exchange Server 2010, using the Server Role Requirements Calculator, has to determine processor requirements at some point. 701 more words

Exchange 2010

SCSM - Adding Activities Using SMA / PowerShell Workflow

For the past couple of weeks I have been doing some automation stuff using Service Management Automation (SMA) and therefore PowerShell in conjunction with Service Manager. 417 more words


A Wild Sketch Appears!

I really can’t write plays. Unfortunately for my readers, that doesn’t mean I won’t try. This is the proposed final scene for my forthcoming masterpiece, ‘Benvolio and Mercutio Aren’t Feeling Very Well,’ a comi-tragic piece of theatre that, I reassure you, has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead,’ or indeed, ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Nope. 934 more words

Script For Your Persona

Well, we have been on the subject of persona development and persona handwriting for a few weeks now so I thought I might offer the information I’ve found via a font site authored by Pia Frauss. 636 more words

Italian Studies

Convert iOS asset names to valid Android resources

Adding new image assets to our Android app is tedious. Since our designers target iOS first, there are a few things the Android team has to do when we get new graphics: 206 more words

App Development

Flag Latest Record using QlikView Script

Often you’ll have a number of records for effectively the same thing and you’re only interested in the latest one.

For example each day you count widgets and the customer wants to see the latest number (as that’s the most up-to-date). 126 more words


The Time Of The Twelfth . . .

Sunday 31 August 2014

And so it has begun: the reign of the twelfth Doctor. Scottish actor, Peter Capaldi, has stepped into the coveted role of the legendary Time Lord, the Doctor. 562 more words

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