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Learn How to Create Custom Column Heads for PowerShell Out-GridView

One of my co-workers, who shall remain nameless (but it rhymes with Jalcolm Meffrey), asked a good question today-namely “How do I take this custom formatting from a “Format-Table” command and use it in the gridview control (Out-GridView). 220 more words


Automating Office 365 Licensing for New Users

One of the frustrations we’ve found with Office 365 is provisioning new AD users becomes a multi-step process:

  • Add user to AD
  • Wait for DirSync to sync the new user to Office 365…
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Syncing an Outlook Calendar to the Cloud

A reader named Todd commented on my post Exporting Email Info for Panic’s StatusBoard saying

David I would love to try something similar to create an iCal export at timed intervals to the cloud and then use that in Google calendar now that the sync function is not supported in google calendar….say from Outlook 2010??

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