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Forward Messages at Certain Times of the Day

Today while checking questions on Experts-Exchange, I stumbled across one where the author is looking for a way to forward messages during certain times of the day. 505 more words


Learn How to Create Custom Column Heads for PowerShell Out-GridView

One of my co-workers, who shall remain nameless (but it rhymes with Jalcolm Meffrey), asked a good question today-namely “How do I take this custom formatting from a “Format-Table” command and use it in the gridview control (Out-GridView). 220 more words


Automating Office 365 Licensing for New Users

One of the frustrations we’ve found with Office 365 is provisioning new AD users becomes a multi-step process:

  • Add user to AD
  • Wait for DirSync to sync the new user to Office 365…
  • 1,274 more words
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