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Query SQLite database using Python

After creating a sqlite database, I need to query data using python. I used the following script to do this.

To query all data:

import sqlite3
conn = sqlite3.connect('mydb.sqlite')
c = conn.cursor()

sql = "select mydata from mytable"

#to display data
res = c.fetchall()
for row in res:
 print "mydata = '%s' " %row[0]

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Software Tester and Programming: oxymoron?

Software tester and knowledge of programming are seemed to opposite like an oxymoron. (Oxymoron is a figure of speech which produces seemingly self-contradictory effect.)  Based on my experience of observing Indian students ,  many choose career in software testing because they do not like programming.  228 more words

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Create SQLite database using Python

Recently I have a need to use python to automate some tasks. I need to create a db and insert TEXT and BLOB kind of data from a csv file. 86 more words


Copy highlighted text into comments from a PDF file

One of the nice features of Acrobat is that you can highlight text and then export only the highlighted part into a different document.  However, in order to do that, the user has to remember to tick the option “Copy selected text into Highlight, Cross-Out, and Underline comment pop ups” in Edit – Preferences – Commenting. 1,193 more words



最近迷上了“我的自由年代”这部台湾连续剧。描述台湾95年代的大学故事。有着初恋的腼腆,爱情萌芽前的暧昧。哈哈。。真的让我想起以前谈恋爱的感觉。很久没有遇到一出可以让我心动的戏了 (当然也是因为太久没时间去煲戏了)。

还有还有很炫的是剧中还有提到密码(code)之类的东西。我不是很懂不过觉得挺好玩的 (当然若编剧骗了我,我也不知道 hehe)。



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InlineScripts and Variables in PowerShell Workflows

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In order to understand variables as they apply to workflows in the context of PowerShell scripting, it is necessary to realize that workflows are not typical PowerShell scripts.  368 more words