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Fun with Regular Expressions

A while back a friend of mine mentioned that he could not find a regular expression that was capable of parsing Windows Performance counter strings. He said that it couldn’t be done with regex alone and he had written a lot of code to manually parse the strings. 278 more words


Do you know someone who has been helping the community, active on the forums, or otherwise kicking PowerShell butt and hasn’t been nominated for an MVP or other award? 46 more words


Get the daily forecast in your console, with PowerShell

Today I saw a post on reddit about scraping a webpage for weather information. Reading over the comments, I had an idea, and I quickly looked away wanting to try this myself before seeing what someone else posted. 719 more words


Powershell and Continuous Integration (JENKINS)

What if I told you a deployment to a production environment that includes starting servers, archiving logs, managing the load balancer, restarting IIS and priming the website could be completed with a simple click of a button in… 1,763 more words


System Center Orchestrator - Running Powershell

I’ve had a lot of trouble with SCORCH and PowerShell, primarily because Orchestrator will always call PowerShell 2.0. Here’s how I get things done.

Reference:  158 more words


Convert ODT to PDF

Use LibreOffice (OpenOffice.org) in command line mode to convert all of the ODT files in the directory to PDF files in subdirectory PDF:

  • libreoffice --headless --convert-to pdf --outdir PDF ./*.odt…
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MDM for PIM and history

History was added to MDM recently, so there is no “official” way to do it.

Basically you enable it via history_subscriptions.xml and use java HistoryManager API to access xml “chunks” which represent changes. 832 more words