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Export DHCP Scope Options Values

Hi Readers,

Sharing a script that we have used to fullfil one of the requirement to extract the DNS scope option(006) values from all scopes on all dhcp servers. 229 more words


Unholy Matrimony - wGet and PowerShell together

XML has been around for a LONG time. But just like working with HTML, it still kind of stinks. If you want to reach into a file and pull out values within certain tags, you’d better become a pro with Xpath or be prepared to create some REALLY ugly Regex. 1,677 more words


Database Cold Backup Script

Hello Everybody, I was trying to find a good OS Script to take a cold backup from the database without any human intervention, so I found some good stuff and I customized it on OEL linux 6.5, I believe it will work with the other linux flavors perfectly. 263 more words


PowerCLI Session 01: Variables, Arrays

Variable Definitions

Welcome to our first lesson in PowerCLI. Today we’ll be getting our hands on ┬áthe second most-used thing after commandlets, and these are variables. 585 more words


CLINT'S TIPS: SCRIPTING: Pattern for file sorting

If you’ve moved to a digital lifestyle, and are an archivist, then you are probably downloading tons of data these days. Everything from music to movies to comics to games to images to software to emulator roms to books to articles. 454 more words


Free SQL Injection Web Application Security Scanner

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Netsparker Community Edition is a free Cross-site Scripting and SQL Injection Scanner. It’s a free edition of our web application security scanner… 55 more words

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Which version of Python is used by my Abaqus?

To check which version of Python is used in the Abaqus version installed on your system:

In Abaqus/CAE, use the Python interpreter provided in the command line interface at the bottom of Abaqus/CAE… 28 more words