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Unzipping, editing and zipping ODT documents in python

This is a python script created with a single purpose: to test unzipping of OpenOffice.org (LibreOffice) word processor .odt document file, searching in its contents for a certain text and replacing it with a substitute, and, eventually, zipping it all back together to form a new .odt document. 244 more words


Unzip and zip OpenOffice.org ODT files

As you probably know, ODT files of OpenOffice.org (LibreOffice) are in essence just ZIP archives.

It is very easy to unpack them. But it is not so easy to create them. 164 more words


Using ARAPI.NET from PowerShell

In my last post I explained how to install ARAPI.NET. Now let’s take a look at how you can use the Remedy API in a PowerShell Script. 722 more words


Creating Audio-based media programs for learning

Audio-based learning programs

A brief scan of the radio dial illustrates the power of audio as a communication media — news and talk programs, National Public Radio magazine style programs, commercials, etc.   459 more words


AD: Defining primary group membership with Powershell

NOTE: Be sure to change the Temp user/group entries in $NewGroup and $BaseOU to your required distinguished names.

# The current Domain
$DomainNC = (“LDAP://RootDSE”).DefaultNamingContext… 151 more words


Ping Pong Evaluation

This Project Allowed me to learn the simple basics of scripting in which I thought to be new to me as I never had any experience of interest in said topic. 103 more words