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New Vlog: The Pros and Cons of Moving Out

Recently started a youtube channel and filming vlogs to practise script writing. I actually really enjoy it. My latest on is up!

Pros and Cons of Moving Out Vlog


passing multiple options to svn diff when using an external diff

If you want to pass in multiple options to svn diff when you are using the external diff with –diff-cmd as option use multiple options in quotations “-p -u” and pass them through -x option of svn diff. 184 more words


SQL Server - Cursor Example

Cursors in SQL Server allow developers to iterate through a collection of values, normally based off a select statement. This is very useful for scripts that must apply to many items at once. 89 more words

SQL Server

My "How to do Voiceover Narration for Digital Media" book

I just put out a book covering the range of issues involved in creating voiceover for digital media products, including defining your needs, identify a space for recording, equipment, the recording process, scripting and performance approaches, editing and adding effects, etc. 62 more words


Creating A Recovery Data Load in QlikView


Recently I created a series of videos on Qlik User Interface (UI) design techniques and I was really pleased with the positive response I got from everyone here and on the Qlik Community. 73 more words


Development in Wide Range of Products

Back in days when I was on the Czech Technical University in Prague, I was thinking of myself as a good coder. I have to admit, that after several years of being in a corporate environment I’ve found I was totally wrong. 253 more words