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Development in Wide Range of Products

Back in days when I was on the Czech Technical University in Prague, I was thinking of myself as a good coder. I have to admit, that after several years of being in a corporate environment I’ve found I was totally wrong. 253 more words

Snippet #2 – Checking for free disk space with PowerShell

Inspired by Dan’s last post, I thought I would share some more PowerShell goodness. A very quick one to start with: How to check for free disk space with PowerShell. 95 more words

Scripting in Maya

A month ago, I thought I would get in touch with my programming background skills once again! So I decided to start studying Python, which may prove to be useful to use in Maya. 114 more words


Monitoring Secure FTP file and Download it via Power-shell

Hi Readers,

Recently we have written as script to monitor if the particular file has been uploaded to secure FTP or not.

If its not uploaded that script will send us alert that Today’s file has not been uploaded, if its uploaded than it will download & moved to… 337 more words


Python Script to Edit Fortran Source Files

I had a lot of Fortran code with unused variables and had seen a solution using Perl. I decided to learn some Python and write a py script to do similar. 1,944 more words


Fri. Nov. 21, 2014: Prepping for Parties & Freelance Flow

Friday, November 21, 2014
Dark Moon
Sunny and cold

BUSY day at the library yesterday. Good busy, but busy, between patrons and short story group and programming and grant ideas and all of that. 315 more words

Touring: My Ambition Speech First Draft

My Ambition Speech (2) New Copy

Here is a copy of my first draft of my script for the opening of my chosen theme and section for our tour which is ambition. 152 more words