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ASK MDT Guy: Adding Scripts as Applications to MDT

Just received a great question this morning from Paul who’s asking about adding scripts as applications to MDT shares to be selected as needed at deploy time. 316 more words

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Moving A Database With Attach and Detach

I found myself doing several database migrations this weekend and because these databases were generally small (Less than 10 GB), I choose the route to detach the database, copy the files to the new location and re-attach.  137 more words


Learn Python from scratch: Part 4. Use Python as a calculator

Let’s go back to primary school days and refresh our math skills. After recalling your math skills, you can apply your math skills in Python scripting. 347 more words


Learn Python from scratch: Part 3. What is '#' and its use in Python?

It was a beautiful weekend in Sydney, if you are living in another part of the world and you do not like the hot and sticky summer, (although we are known for a beautiful hot and dry summer in OZ), for many, the best time to visit Sydney is in the Australian spring. 322 more words



I realized that I don’t actually know a really great definition of scripting. So, if anyone else has one, please pass it along. The way I talk about scripting is that it is repeating phrases or words, sometimes from books or movies or t.v. 531 more words

Tutorial: Easily Running SPEC CPU2006 Benchmarks in the gem5 Simulator

It appears that a good number of people found my articles from 2013 on building gem5 and SPEC CPU2006 benchmarks for Alpha useful! So due to some requests I’ve decided to make an additional post on how to get the SPEC benchmarks and gem5 you set up actually running. 4,552 more words


Update Active Directory User attributes from CSV - GUI

Hi Readers,

Seeing at the very good response of below script , I have created this new one very simple & GUI friendly.


This script works for around 23 AD attributes & can be updated with more. 2,628 more words