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Soft-Robotic Part 1: Exoskeleton (of a kind) - Introducing


Time for some news and there’s plenty of it! This should probably have been posted as many separate posts to follow the progress but it so happened that I wasn’t really good at updating continously so here goes the retrospect until I catch up. 788 more words


Calculate vCPU to pCPU ratio for Hosts using PowerCLI

In some capacity planning scenarios, statistical information is not taken into account and the management of resources through best efforts can become a  rule of thumb scenario. 334 more words


Generate system uptime report of VMs using PowerCLI

It is possible to return the system uptime of your VMs by retrieving the last statistical information for the metric ‘sys.uptime.latest’ in realtime using PowerCLI. For Example, to return the metric for the virtual machine ‘VM1′ we could run the following command: 360 more words


Resolve VM's With Memory Limits Set

Well since I took this infrastructure over from someone else I wanted to check and make sure things were running right.  One thing I noticed in my monitoring was there were some VM’s set with hard memory limits which for us is bad.  48 more words


Retrieve Domain Name for Guest VMs using PowerCLI

I was recently required to return a collection of VMs and the domain to which they were a member. This was possible to retrieve by using the Get-VM cmdlet and manipulating the value of the ‘Guest.HostName property’. 241 more words


Whitechapel conditions

As you know it is part of our ensemble requirements to include the living conditions in Whitechapel during the late 1880s-1891. We have had several ideas addressing the criteria as far as the Ripper story is concerned, but not many of our ideas have much of a focus on the living conditions and such. 228 more words

Poor Theatre

[MtoA] [Scripting] Setting the output image format

Settings like the image format and compression come from the defaultArnoldDriver node, so to set them through scripting, you need to set defaultArnoldDriver attributes.

The image format corresponds to the… 102 more words