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PowerShelling FizzBuzz

I recently learned about the FizzBuzz test, which is meant to help interviewers determine if a prospective hire can understand the fundamental logic needed to program. 259 more words


Installing tomcat SSL on GNU/Linux (RedHat-like, ubuntu)

Apache tomcat package can change from distro to distro, enough to make it tricky to install. I’ll assume java is installed, in my case, the steps were: 424 more words


Scripting Windows

Scripts are short programs automating such work on a computer that would be a waste of time if done by hand. They have minor restrictions like the lack of graphical user interface or some speed issues, but I’m sure most of us can live with that. 615 more words


Puppet push SSH key

The passwordless SSH worked well in my lab. Here is the how to:

1) Let the user generate the key pair, then copy the .pub file to the modules/sys_key/files folder and name it after the user’s name. 163 more words


Puppet push LDAP authentiation

Continue with my previous post of How to set up LDAP authentication in CentOS, I have made the Puppet be able to push it in my lab. 140 more words


Flag Latest Record using QlikView Script

Often you’ll have a number of records for effectively the same thing and you’re only interested in the latest one.

For example each day you count widgets and the customer wants to see the latest number (as that’s the most up-to-date). 126 more words


code4Py | Style Context Differences

As per recently created page, the following diff command output representing context differences, needed to be styled;

$ diff -c A B
*** A   2014-08-20 20:13:30.315009258 +0000
--- B   2014-08-20 20:13:39.021009349 +0000
*** 1,6 ****
--- 1,9 ----
+ typeset -i sum=0
  while read num
    printf "%d " ${num}
+   sum=sum+${num}
  done <<EOF
*** 9,13 ****

! 227 more words