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Script: River City

There are two PDF files for this script

Large Print for on-line e-readers (161 pages)

Small Print for printing (two pages per sheet, front & back, 31 sheets)



Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, innuendos, and metanarratives in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Aug 19-28, 2014

boundless opportunities: the infinite promise of America, which minorities (“takers”) fail to realize because their culture of dependency is “transmitted” (see below) like a virus. 257 more words



Today I began writing my script again. This was a simple attempt to revise some dialog from a couple who cross paths. From that scene, I added other scenes that could use a touch up, including a confrontational scene, and a third meeting of the minds type of scene.   28 more words


Youtube video events tracking

Below is code for  track youtube video events through javascript.

Creating youtube player in your website page ,below is code

<div id=”player”></div>

And insert below script  after div is has created . 185 more words


Let PowerShell read ePub e-books for you aloud.

ePub 2 TTS (Text To Speech) this script will read e-books in the format of ePub using your computer sound card/ speakers.

You can get over 45,000 book from  405 more words


Cool usage of TimeCategory in Groovy

Groovy, the programming language based on JVM implements a feature called Categories. It is originally borrowed from Objective-C . Simple explanation for this feature can be the ability to implement new methods in existing classes without modifying their original code which in some way is injecting new methods through a Category class. 336 more words