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Reflection on Today's Gospel, Sunday, August 17, 2014

Readings for Sunday, August 17, 2014

I remember when (a few years ago) I read this passage from Matthew’s gospel to my students for the first time.  266 more words


Praying with movies - Goonies

Movie Reflection – Goonies (1985)
Richard Donner Director
Rated PG
In the midst of packing up to move because many of their houses are in foreclosure, Young Mikey Walsh and his friends Data, Chunk and Mouth along with his brother Brand, uncover a treasure map to One Eyed Willie’s treasure in the Walsh’s attic. 523 more words


Toddler Tantrums and the Kingdom of God

By Guest Blogger Nicole Wooldridge.

It was one of those moments every parent dreads: my two-year-old had worked herself into an ugly public tantrum, and I had to abandon our planned activity in order to haul her thrashing body out to the car. 742 more words


TMI? Maybe.

Readings for Sunday, August 3, 2014

The readings this Sunday really speak to my weary little soul.  This is the time of year when, as a mom/teacher, I am caught up in the back to school whirlwind.  689 more words


Giving of yourself: a reflection on this week’s Gospel (Matt 14:13-21)

I am a big supporter of intentional living as opposed to just cruising on by. Intentionally getting up early to dedicate time for God, for exercise, for gathering thoughts for the day. 666 more words

Scripture Reflection

Meet you in the middle: a reflection on this weeks gospel (Matt 13:44-52)

My time of late has been consumed with the thoughts of the state of the world. I seriously believe we are on the verge of World War III. 501 more words


No Life in Pretending and Hiding

One of my morning habits lately has been to read and reflect on the lectionary passages for the day and journal any insights, questions, thanks, praise or prayers they might stir in. 252 more words

Scripture Reflection