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Francis Cheynell (1608-1665): Scripture is sufficient to prove the doctrine of the Trinity


Francis Cheynell (1608-1665), a member of the Westminster Assembly, was nicknamed “the hammer of the Socinians,” since he exerted much effort into defending the doctrine of the Holy Trinity against Socinians and Unitarians. 1,582 more words

Dogmatics/Systematic Theology

"She is Worth Far More than Rubies"

There are some days that I wake up and feel distinctly compelled to start my morning with reading the bible, actually, it can happen to me anywhere and at any time. 781 more words

Goals And Achievements

What The Gospels Taught Me

I FINISHED ALL THE GOSPELS!!! I want to shout it out my bedroom window into this beautiful day God gave us but I won’t, I’ll write about it here instead so I can share it with all of you!! 931 more words


Marital rules to live by- let's make divorce obsolete

I want the kind of marriage that others cannot find any fault in. The kind that people look at and say, “those two will never separate.” I want my children to never question our stability and never be able to imagine a world that we are not together. 1,310 more words

What Satan hinders

I sometimes hear myself or others attributing certain things to the work of Satan. It’s hard to know exactly what Satan does and why — but here is at least one example from Scripture in 1 Thessalonians 2: 319 more words

1 Thessalonians

The Raw, Naked Truth About Christians Speaking Against Homosexuality

Read any Christian blog and sooner or later you’ll come across the controversial subject of homosexuality.  Heated debates abound around the topics of whether it is a sin or not, whether gay people should be allowed to marry within the church, can homosexuals even be Christian, and so on. 1,240 more words