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第二天:Traveler: Bali

***I plan to visit Tang Huang-chen’s exhibition for 10 days, each day for one work. The 10-day trip intertwines works of Tang’s I Go Travelling project with my internship journal in Taipei for 3 months. 28 more words

I've Been There

The Super Era

Dear Reader,

Progress on my current script goes well. I am roughly half way through, (my process means that I don’t particularly have a midpoint that I have pre-set) and things are feeling very…sound. 653 more words

An Adventure in Tropes and Cliches

Dear Reader,

I used to be a massive Doctor Who fan. I had the posters, the action figures (or dolls, for girls), the sonic screwdriver pen and even a TARDIS money box with flashing lights; this was from the re-launch in 2005 and not from the very beginning, by the way. 976 more words