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'Scroogled': Microsoft's Junior High Attempt To Shame Google Comes To An End

Is Microsoft ready to take our advice and devote its resources to developing great products consumer will benefit from? It’s possible, but we aren’t psychics so the future remains a mystery. 232 more words

Is Microsoft's 'Scroogled' Era at Long Last Over?

I have devoted probably an excessive number of words–see here and here–to Microsoft’s ongoing “Scroogled” campaign, in which it bashes various Google products for invading privacy, deceptively incorporating advertising and, generally, being creepy and anti-consumer. 575 more words

Microsoft may have silently killed its Scroogled ad campaign (updated)

With the introduction of a new CEO and a few personnel shifts, Microsoft is definitely making some changes, but along with its corporate restructuring, the company appears to have a new take on marketing as well. 169 more words


Windows 8.1 Update 1: A User Review

By Rich Woods

This afternoon Microsoft pushed out the biggest update to Windows since November when they rolled out Windows 8.1. I’ve been using this update all afternoon on a non-touchscreen desktop, a… 513 more words

Procrastination Wall

15 domains owned

0 domains developed!

well, 1 site is forwarded to the client. The other 14 are perfectly named for rich material, inspiration, and attractive to all age ranges. 439 more words

Ex-political advisor Mark Penn hired as Microsoft strategy head

Microsoft is seeing its first round of executive shuffling since new CEO Satya Nadella was appointed, and political advisor turned corporate ad-man Mark Penn has found himself holding the Chief Strategy Officer title. 261 more words


Microsofties Ponder Fate of Mark Penn in the New Nadella Regime

Of all the many executives on the Microsoft “Senior Leadership Team,” called SLT for short, it’s pretty clear in talking to top execs that there is no one that engenders more talk than Mark Penn. 806 more words