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Characteristics/ Skills of a new Scrum Team Member


Hiring a new team member for a development team working with scrum is not an easy job, although hiring a new employee is a hard job but hiring one to work in scrum team is harder as the new employee should meet the requirements for a scrum development team. 1,257 more words


Being an effective Product Owner

Before we read about how to be an effective product owner, let us first understand who a product owner is and what he/she does.  A product owner is not a separate title but is a role that can be performed by a business analyst or even a representative of an end user. 393 more words

Who can use AGILE?

The Agile methodology is a popular project management approach for software development and implementation. Many software development companies are adopting one or more of the methods included under the Agile canopy, because of its numerous advantages. 148 more words

How will AGILE benefit me?

The software development industry these days is troubled with multiple problems such as fluctuating economies, stringent resources, and tight time schedules. As a result, software professionals worldwide face numerous impediments to successfully executing their projects. 245 more words

Is it best to just jump in or should the transition to Agile be slow?

A step-by-step transition to Agile presents several advantages over diving in head-first. When Agile is adopted slowly and carefully, teams will be able to see the incremental progress from which they are able to learn and gain Agile experience. 141 more words

Integrating Scrum and Kanban

Scrum and Kanban are the offspring of the agile methodology. The two methods may have different approaches, but are both rooted in the agile philosophy of software development. 565 more words

Can you mix different Agile Frameworks and be successful?

Agile process tools such as Scrum, Lean Kanban, Extreme Programming XP and others bring their own characteristics and advantages to the table. For example, Kanban focuses on improving whichever methodology is being used rather than providing its own framework, while Scrum provides a definite framework with essential artifacts. 175 more words