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What is a Product Manager?

When you hear the term ‘Product Manager’ you probably think of someone in charge of products such as pencils or dresses or shoelaces. Maybe they come up with new designs or are responsible for merchandising. 693 more words

The Unused Potential and Principles in Scrum & Agile

This week I did a talk at the IT-People DK Speaker event about “Top 5 Unused Potential and Principles in Scrum & Agile”. The top 5 was based on the challenges I often see in different organisations and how many organisations understand and use Scrum and Agile in a very mechanical way just for isolated delivery. 222 more words


A Proxy Product Owner's Sanity Check!

When your product owner is not your end user…

This week a proxy product owner came to me to ask me questions about scrum.  This individual described the team as the Developers, QA, Scrum master,  Proxy PO, and the Product Owner.   549 more words


What makes Scrum teams different?

I was in a daily standup last week watching a team that is reasonably new to Scrum, and witnessed a team start the path towards self-organization and collective ownership. 363 more words


Scrum -Say No to Powerpoint

In my initial year working as a scrum team member, I often observed the scrum masters spending considerable amount of time creating presentations for planning meetings, review meetings. 841 more words


Waste out, Innovation in

Over the Christmas break, I was back home making the holiday rounds with my brother; a financial analyst by trade, adjunct economics instructor, avid salsa dancer, burgeoning DJ, dance school owner/instructor and trumpet player. 551 more words


Software Project management, The mission impossible. Part.1 Building a plane in the Air.

If project management is difficult, then software project management is more difficult. Actually, it is exceptional. Software development teams are usually trying to figure out a situation, analyze problems in this situation, listen to stakeholders, try to figure out stakeholders vision and thoughts about the optimum way to deal with that situation. 258 more words