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Cider: A Politically Divisive Issue

Have any of you heard of scrumpy? I hadn’t, until a few weeks ago. We were watching Rick Steve’s tour of Western England, and he dropped by a local man’s farm to get the run-down on how this hard apple cider is made and of course, enjoy a few samples. 625 more words

At Home

Hallets Traditional at the Pembury

I’m still at The Pembury Tavern, now one of my favourite cidering holes, it has stared up Amhurst Road for 128 years. It probably remembers when this was all fields. 505 more words


Jason And His Lager Thoughts. Grog-Fuelled Addiction Counsellor.

“I’ll tek the f*****g lot of yers!”

Dear Jason

My name’s Mary and I think I may be becoming too reliant on drink to get me through the day. 286 more words


Green Valley Vintage at the Pembury

I’ve been hanging out all day, in a Chelmsford shed, pretending to be Welsh. I eventually arrive home, and I’m considering going out to the pub, when I receive a photo of a scrumpy tap. 407 more words


Henney's Dry Cider and Henney's Vintage 2012

I’m at my sister’s house, scraping wallpaper. Things have come a long way since I last did this. Now, we have steamers to help get the wallpaper off. 786 more words


Cider with meat

In a west country pub, and old bumpkin stood next to me, propping up the bar. He turned to me and said “Sometimes, I likes to puts meat in cider.” He turns to his scrumpy old wife, sitting at a table by the window. 723 more words


They're gnarly but they are mine!

No one ever tells you that your baby is ugly. They usually conjure up a ‘to be expected’ array of compliments of a very inoffensive nature. 519 more words

Moving From London To Australia