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'I am (now) a cider drinker...'

The Wurzels’ ‘classic’ song from the mid-70’s helped reinforce a few stereotypes about west country yokels imbibing the crushed apple beverage down on the farm whilst singing “Ooh aargh ooh argh aay” – for those of a certain age, this video might bring back a few memories… 439 more words

Food And Drink

Rooster at The Pembury Tavern

It’s the start of my holiday, and I’m going back to the Pembury to meet my ciderkick. I’m becoming familiar with this pub, to the point that we now have school-style nicknames for it: Pembs, Pembo, tonight I go for Pembski. 400 more words


Burrow Hill Farmhouse, Walthamstow Garden Party

I’m on my way to Walthamstow. There’s a festival on in Lloyd Park, and the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain are playing. It’s a hot day, and I’m surprised by how many people are going to this place. 456 more words


Rich's Farmhouse Sweet Cider

When my colleague took a trip to Somerset, he made sure to bring me back some of the good stuff. In the cider shop, his brief to the shop keeper was to find the cider with the worst name, having been told that the best ciders are the ones labelled  things like Pigswill, Rat’s Muff, Badger’s Arse, or similar. 274 more words


Meet Scrumpy

My not-well-earned break from writing a lot of crummy words into a crummy chapter today was a Twitter break where I learned that today is… 189 more words