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London Cider Co Rooster, at The Pembury Tavern

It’s always a relief when Friday evening arrives, it’s certainly my favourite time of the year. I’m on my way to the Pembury again, on this warm evening, to meet a friend and I find it’s not very busy with plenty of room. 397 more words


Healey's Cyder Farm Cornish Scrumpy

Some friends paid a visit to Cornwall and brought back a souvenir for me.

Cornwall has recently been recognised as an official national minority. Like other British minorities, such as Scottish, Welsh and Ginger, they have their own language, their own flag, and they like cider. 437 more words


The Color Run! And Scrump is back!!

We did The Color Run today. It’s a 5k where they splatter the participants with color, and it’s really fun! The color is dyed corn starch, so I had to wrap my phone in ┬áplastic so it wouldn’t get corn starch in it, and the following pictures are a little blurry because of that. 153 more words


We have an Alex!!

Today was an adventure! We left later than we planned to get up to Union Station to get Alex. Ben was out of meds, so he required more supervision, and we had to stop to pick up his meds, which took more time. 952 more words