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Scrunchies Are Back?!?

I never thought I’d see the day! But sooner or later I’m gonna have to accept that what I wore as a 10 year old is now the… 27 more words


On the Radar: Scrunchies

Hey, everyone! That’s right, the bulky hair accessory is back! I secretly envied my childhood friend for always having a velvet scrunchie around her wrist.  It doesn’t surprise me that they’re having a moment right now; you can’t go full-on ’90’s throwback without scrunchies!   214 more words

Forever 21

Reading Evelyn Waugh

Scrunchies are “in” and the H&M summer catalogue informs me that Evelyn Waugh’s book Brideshead Revisited is one of the hippest reads of the summer. Both of these things could be annoying. 752 more words

Things In Ordinary Time

Trim's June Favorites

Jelly Sandals

Every time I’ve left the house this summer and I wasn’t headed to work, I’ve been wearing my clear jelly sandals. They definitely aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they’ve undoubtedly been a favorite of mine this month, and they’re waaaay more comfortable than I remember them being. 318 more words


Let’s Talk About…..

Love it or hate it, the scrunchie is back! Not everyone is a fan of this 90s trend but at Lost in Time… 277 more words


That's what I love about Russia

Whenever someone asks me what I’m doing in Russia, and I tell them, that I in fact live here, people always look very surprised almost suspicious, as if they’ve just seen a ghost or the Lock Ness monster. 1,485 more words