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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Those scrying sessions that I had, yeah, I figured it out with the help of a few dreams. So, there are going to be some changes here. 20 more words

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Meditating on the Abacedarian Ancient Words of Power

I think it’s been too long since I mentioned everyone’s favorite ancient grimoire, the Greek Magical Papyri, isn’t it?  Yes, it has been too long, especially when there are some real gems in there (and in the related Demotic Magical Papyri) that can help us out to this day, especially since I was reminded not too long ago of one particular selection from the PGM that can help us out in our mathesis work. 1,912 more words


Scrying - A Modern Look At An Ancient Art

Scrying, the art of gaining telepathic information by gazing into crystals, began thousands of years ago. Ancient civilizations revered crystals, believing they had magical powers. The people thought that the gods would deliver mystical wisdom to the meditator through the stones. 799 more words


Extracts from my Magickal Journals - First Attempts at the Tattwas

I have decided to rummage through some of my magickal journals to find my first attempts at using the tattwas.  After mention of my experience with the tattwas, I decided I would pull out my stack of hardcover “Lecture Books” and sift through to find them.  998 more words


The Tattwas - Psychic Development

Tattva vision is a technique developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (probably derived from the elements, or Tattva , of the Samkhya version of Hindu Philosophy) to aid with the development of the faculty of astral clairvoyance.

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WOTC Extra – Scrying with A Crystal Ball


By far one of the most popular tools for scrying, the crystal ball has long been associated with predicting the future. Rarely is a fortuneteller , genuine or charlatan, portrayed without this magical… 731 more words

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Let's Talk Witch – Scrying: Things That Are, That Were, That Shall Be

Scrying: Things That Are, That Were, That Shall Be

Scrying has much in common with trance, but it differs in that the tools used in scrying are physical objects rather than rhythmic techniques and also in that predictions are usually revealed to the practitioner visually as opposed to intuitively. 256 more words

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