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Trans 30 Day Challenge #23: Trans & Careers

It’s like gasoline for your soul of darkness.

Today’s question: Do you feel being trans holds you back from your career choice

*checks privilege*

I have privilege in that I found a secure job that was willing to allow me to transition on the job without much issue.   147 more words



When shadows feign upon grounds once ruled by the sun ,new moon recalls with higher stars what always remains of the suns glow. This quarter season waits, stories are told, starry are these skies of winter. 76 more words


~ Winter in a cup of coffee ~

Earth alway remembers. Winters forgotten the warmth autumn paints,
leaves settle unseen,
palette back into earth,
their summer colours memory of spring.
Lower cool sun inks an umber maze perforated from a trees canopy, 117 more words


~ Ripple ~

Linear time, like a chrysalis, holds the body until the rhythm of nature beckons, emerging into collective consciousness .
What gives the spiritual meaning, is inspiring another through being . 134 more words


Inner space: the final frontier

Everything seems to be infested with misinformation these days, in an effort to make it more “user-friendly” (Read: “easy and dumbed down”). Much like googling “Lenormand”, the search term “scrying” will get you bunk, for the most part. 845 more words

Fortune Telling

The Sky

“scrying pool” by helios jinn is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Excerpt from Skygazing by Ryuguchi Sato

What is the sky? Is it a body of air, held down to the earth by gravity and electromagnetism? 988 more words


Obsidian Obession

I am in love with my obsidian purchases from Quartzsite. I had a small obsidian sphere and a tiny pyramid as part of my personal collection, but since coming to the Rockhound’s Mecca and seeing each vendor typically specialize in one or two types of stones you can see a variety and range of quality of a certain gem that draws you. 763 more words

Crystals And Minerals