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New Moon Scrying

Yesterday, during the partial eclipse I was looking at current posts on my Facebook news feed.  I came across this image in a post by… 151 more words


Deal 66: Beyond the hill an infinite plane

I know they are out there, just over the hill. I can hear them when the wind is right. I suspect they know I am here but have decided not to care, at least until I seem threatening. 246 more words

Daily Tale

Scrying No. 2

I had another scrying session this morning from 12:10 to 12:42 am. The two candles that I ended up blowing out the first time are the same ones I used this morning. 198 more words

Spiritual Practice

Crystal Scrying (Redux)

Look into the gem.
Following fiery paths
reveals new visions.

Click on image to see full sized:
Crystal Scrying (R) by G A Rosenberg

Scrying No. 1

Thursday morning (a little after midnight), I had my first scrying experience. I’m having a hard time figuring what happened out. I had two lit candles near me with the lights out. 486 more words

Spiritual Practice

Lets Get Crafty......Uses Of Bone And Antler In Your Spells

Being a country girl and a Pagan gives me the opportunity to acquire bones easily.

Since I’m not a dainty or squeamish witch I welcome all bones… 884 more words

Harobed Fidnuc

Lets Get Crafty .........Scrying With Water ,Smoke And Flame

The definition of scry is “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.”

Scrying is a time honored means of divination used by the ancient Celts, probably acquired knowledge via early Germanic invasions.Legend holds that Druids scryed using water as did the Egyptians. 1,509 more words

Harobed Fidnuc