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Dive Laguna Beach

Well hello there lovelies. Long silences are not very attractive I know, what has this busy girl been getting herself into these days? How about a peek into what I think is my coolest hobby and what I spend my free days off doing ( and there are not that many sadly.) I have been diving in these arctic California waters over the past few weeks, and I wanted to share some cool shots I was lucky to capture. 65 more words

Scuba Diving Wedding Sampler

Susan & David from Lancashire sent us this photo of a Wedding sampler we designed & Susan had beautifully stitched.

Here is a copy of Susan & David’s lovely e-mail which accompanied the photo - 58 more words

Cross Stitch

Taka Range

I’ve had these photos ready to post for weeks and have been so busy working I haven’t had a chance! These were taken at the Taka Range dive site on the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef. 157 more words


Wreck Diving Speciality Course

The idea of being able to dive and explore sunken ships has struck me as fascinating for quite some time now. Wreck and cave diving have been on my bucket list ever since I first started to scuba dive. 844 more words


Andaman Scuba Diving – A Transcendent Adventure Sport

One of the most fascinating and unfathomable joy filled adventure sport practiced in very few places of India is Scuba Diving. Scuba diving takes you to a complete different world, a noise free world, moving around you in absolute slow motion that will definitely engulf you in its blue serenity capturing your mind completely. 258 more words

365 Hops

My First Night Dive

Objective: Record Dive #9 – My First Night Dive

Prep Work: Open Water Certification // Fitted for Dry Suit // Read-up on night diving // Surface Marker Buoy… 1,702 more words