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The re-emergence of Mulder and Scully

So Hina, what was the best part of college?

The X-Files!!

The X-Files??

Yes, absolutely!  Best show ever, and it totally made my college years! 352 more words

So what is our profile of the killer? Indeterminate height, weight, sex, unarmed but extremely attractive.

-Scully, The X-Files


The Truth Is In Here: The X-Files to Return?

This isn’t a conspiracy theory worthy of investigation by the Lone Gunmen.  It is looking like Fox is revisiting the X-Files!

Following the success of…

79 more words

Fox Are Considering Rebooting X-Files

Could the cult supernatural series be making a return? 168 more words

TV Shows

Best Lips on TV. Period.

I’ve mentioned that I’m an old-school nerd, from a time when watching the original Star Trek and knowing all the episodes was the main requirement for entry into that exclusive club. 1,026 more words