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Tape: Tour Split - Scully & Las Rosas

Lately, it seems as if the sun has been making fewer appearances. Dark, dreary skies have started to settle in along with colder temperatures and days that seem more suited for never leaving the covers, rather than the fun and adventures of summer. 164 more words


Abstract #66 - Fields

The painting is inspired by the works of Sean Scully.

A series of these paintings will follow during the next weeks. Some of them will be available on Saachi Art as soon as I will be able to upload them there. 14 more words


Well Well... Hello there.

Why am I creating a blog? The question is fair and has no real one answer overall. I’ve been contemplating ideas, letting my imagination get the better of me. 580 more words


100 Cool Things #48

Over at Heymonster’s Society6 page he is selling gorgeous art prints showing some of the best female TV┬ácharacters depicted as modern saints. I’m torn between getting the Liz Lemon, the Leslie Knope or the Starbuck. 12 more words

100 Cool Things

The Joy of Shipping

What this is not: an effusive demonstration of devotion to UPS, USPS, or FedEx. That’s not the shipping I mean.

I’m talking about (relation)shipping, the act of desiring a fictional couple to get into a romantic relationship. 489 more words


The X-Files, As Told By Me

“scully … scully … i need u to do this thing for me. i can’t do anything by myself except stare broodingly into the distance”

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