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Scully from the X-Files wants to be a ghostbuster in Ghostbusters 3.

Word on the street is that, after almost 30 years, Ghostbusters 3 is finally going to happen.  But it’s going to be another 80s reboot, this time featuring an all-female cast (brilliant, exactly what Ghostbusters fans have been asking for, who needs the original cast anyway?) 208 more words

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E3: “Circus of Fools”

By MIna Haq

On this week’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Jake and Amy reverted back to their competitive old ways during a precinct tradition while Captain Holt and Terry went head-to-head with Deputy Chief Wuntch. 578 more words

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Princess Lessons: Don't Lose Your Voice

My cousin and I used to be just a teeny bit obsessed with The Little Mermaid when we were kids. We rented it from the video shop just about every weekend, scripted our own play version of it – in which I was Ariel, she was Ursula, and my brother was Flotsam and Jetsam. 418 more words


"The truth is out there."

From: The X-Files

Genre: Television

Who said it?: No one. It’s the tagline from the show.

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from The X-Files, one of the most iconic modern science fiction shows. 229 more words