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Florence with a Family

A sight-seeing holiday can be a tricky thing to pull off with a family, especially if it involves heat, crowds and endless history lessons.

The trick is to try and lessen the heat and the crowds by going at an unseasonable time of year (like Italy in April), when the weather is balmy, rather than hot and you don’t have to queue for over an hour of sticky discomfort to get in to a museum.  883 more words

Family Features

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Florence! For years I read about it and famous people who lived there but I did not even dream to visit this wonderful city. How could I? My motherland (the Soviet Union) did not want its children to go abroad. They could decide that life abroad was better and stay there. Then with God's help everything changed. My wife and I took a terrible risk and after months of uncertainty, months without jobs, months of being enemies of the state we got permission to leave the country with our two children. Everybody else we loved was left. However, we were free. 39 years passed. Our grandchildren were born in a free country. We traveled in Italy three times and enjoyed Florence very much. We also visited more than 50 other countries. Please enjoy Florence and don't forget that freedom to travel is not given to everyone.

studios of famous sculptors

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JimHenson’s studio, London c. 1980′s
Photograph courtesy Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop

Jim Henson’s studio, New York c. 1970′s… 48 more words


Polymer Clay Fun

For some reason I like this. I have had a very cold Winter so the things I create maybe a little odd

Things I've Made

Polymer clay tool holder

I’ve been doing a lot of Spring cleaning and haven’t had much time to play with my clay . I made this polymer clay container, boy did it feel great to relax

Things I've Made

Polymer Clay

This little odd creature is ready for the oven. I think I’ll make this a brooch

Things I've Made

How long does it take to become a successful Artist

I was speaking at an event the other day and was asked a question. “How long does it take to become successful in this field?” (“This Field” being a professional artist.) I paused for a moment, knowing that my response would be something that perhaps may sway the future artists in the rooms decision, and I told them the truth as I have come to know it. 731 more words