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Doll Moulds cont'd and Talking Sticks

Still playing around with the doll moulds.  What would you use this for?  A creepy egg cup?  Shooter glass?  Herb pot?

Another head that will probably become a Talking Stick – the face is still too clean looking; I need to do some scarification on it. 87 more words


I've been exposed...

Came across this ad for 3Doodler on Instagram the other day…

I’m grateful to have my work being used instead of floundering in obscurity.

Live long and prosper.


Stop and Smell the Azaleas

Spotted at one of our local nurseries. Sunnyside Nursery isn’t the biggest nursery in Delta, but with this one and an Eastern Island head sculpture that’s almost the same scale as the original, you’ll stop and smell the azaleas. 17 more words


Stone head 24: puzzled

Pistol: Discuss unto me; art thou officer?
Or art thou base, common and popular?
Henry V, Act IV Scene 1

Puzzled-looking medieval helmeted soldier… 7 more words


Doll Moulds - What a Score!!

I was lucky enough to acquire a whole swack of Doll Moulds for FREE!!!  A couple bought a house and the owner just left them.  To dispose of them at a dump would have cost a fortune, as they are plaster-of-paris and really heavy.  273 more words