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New Balance Illustrations

Some very elegant and visually pleasing illustrations for Modus Magazine. From illustrator Ray Oranges. Via Behance:


On needing an infusion of colour

It rained again overnight, and although there is some blue in the sky this morning, the Met Service is predicting heavy showers, hail and (for Auckland) low temperatures. 213 more words


An Obsession with Technology

How worried should we be to find out that – a ‘tech crèche’ has been created for people who are unable to disconnect from their mobile devices while out and about in the natural world. 582 more words

Contemporary Art

Sculpture 28: Ivor Novello

Statue of Cardiff-born Ivor Novello, Cardiff Bay

Born David Ivor Davies,


When the weather offers just shades of grey

It’s hard to believe, watching the sun go down in a clear blue sky, that it’s rained virtually every day for the last few weeks. My Wellington trip was fantastic, but yielded few photos — it was just so dull and grey. 146 more words


The Beauty of Sushi

There is a definite art to making great sushi, and there is art in the preparation of it as well. In a new book entitled… 30 more words