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Sculptures in gallery "Seizoen in Beeld"

From april 18 th until june 10 th you can find my work in gallery “Seizoen in Beeld” in Callantsoog. A beautiful location in the northern part of Holland. 15 more words

Karin Van Ommeren

Spring is here!

And it is beautiful! For the first time ever, the end of the winter season isn’t marking a return to the office, or an unknown future of potential poverty, but an exciting set of new activities, and adventures, and exploring. 209 more words

Not all Mondays are bad.

Today has been a hectic day. In fact, for the past two weeks Monday’s have been pretty busy for me, and I know that when I climb in bed at night, as soon as my head hits that pillow I’m going to be out, all snuggled up and drifting away into dream land. 519 more words

Erin the Explorer

After an interesting night’s sleep, Brandy and I decided to spend the day exploring.  I say it was an interesting night’s sleep because my body is on Eastern time and Seattle is three hours behind, so I’m about to drop from exhaustion and it’s still light out.   352 more words


Bit of culture in Malta

Some of you maybe had a chance to go to Manuel Theatre and see the really good production of the Fiddler on the Roof lately. I went last Sunday and I really enjoyed the performance. 200 more words