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New Photos

I spend literally ALL DAY taking new photos of the Broken Heart sculptures, getting them cropped and put together in ID and uploaded onto this lovely little blog right here https://anneturrell.wordpress.com/broken-hearts/ so please be a peach and let me know how things look, make the last 6 hours of my day worth while :)

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This is the Nebraska artist whose work is featured on the cover of my next book, "The Spiritual Feminist"! Most people have no idea how much work it takes to get to this point-- the creation is one aspect of it, and then you have the presentation, and the publicity behind it to get your work out there. Included in this collection is the Apple Heart Sculpture featured on the cover of "The Spiritual Feminist". Follow THIS LINK  

Ernesto Neto

Since the mid-1990s, Ernesto Neto has produced an influential body of work that explores constructions of social space and the natural world by inviting physical interaction and sensory experience. 161 more words

"The Familiar and the Indefinable in Clay"

I just stumbled into the Ruth Chandler Williamson Art Gallery after class yesterday to discover that the new ceramics exhibition is finished and open to the public! 135 more words

Contemporary Art

Lewis T. Brown Monument, Allegheny Cemetery

Here again is our favorite flower-strewing mourner, the most common cemetery sculpture in Pittsburgh. This is very similar (though not quite identical) to the Heck monument… 22 more words


A French Artist's Modern Take on Chinese Porcelain Traditions

“Sang,” 2014

“Inspired by Carl Jung’s interpretations of dreams, artist and filmmaker Charlotte Cornaton has created a series of porcelain book sculptures that depict her oniric life….” 7 more words

Art Reviews

Dose #31 - Beauty as Commodity

Today, a sculptor makes a statement about beauty using a basic commodity very much associated with beauty…

We continue with Statement of the HeART at Art Stage Singapore… 183 more words


Azuma Makoto: Iced Flowers

Tokyo-based artist Azuma Makoto often uses floral arrangements in his surreal and sculptural installations’s, and his latest is no different. Entitled ‘Iced Flowers’, it illustrates the evolution of flowers by interrupting their natural life cycle of bloom and decay, preserving them in blocks of ice. 112 more words