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Treviso: Fallen For Independence


Located in the Piazza Indipendenze is the monument to independence 1844-1866. Unveiled in 1875, the stone sculpture pays tribute to those fallen in the struggle for independence from Austrian rule. 12 more words


Treviso: Giuseppe Garibaldi


Located in parkland on Via Roma is a stone statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi. The Italian general and politician led Italy to unification in 1861. The text on the plinth translates as “with the might of the people.”


Treviso: Pace in volo libero


Located along the Riviera Garibaldi, near to the Ponte Dante, is the bronze sculpture “Pace in volo libero” – “Peace in free flight”. The sculpture is the work of the master sculptor Alfiero Nena and was donated to the city in 2006. 18 more words


Treviso: Luna A Miami


Located on the banks of the river Sile is the sculpture Luna A Miami – Moon in Miami. The wrought iron statue is the work of the Italian sculptor Gino Cortelazzo.  13 more words


Art is a form of self-expression. It is a medium of non-verbal communication where you tend to describe what you feel without even saying it. People visit art galleries and museums to know how creative minds tend to describe various nuances of life. 554 more words


Space Expo Jump Carnival Victory Part 5 (Scultures Figures)

The show continues, this time the next set of figures is from the Scultures series.

These figures as you might remember are form the Colosseum contested that the company made a few months back. 100 more words

Florence: The Battle of Mentana Monument

Located in Piazza Mentana Square in Florence is the monument commemorating the fallen during the Battle of Mentana. The sculpture pays tribute to the 150 volunteer freedom fighters who lost their lives in 1867 near the village of Mentana, Rome. 42 more words