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Dover r-Soles

Quick post as this cheered up an otherwise dull Sunday…

A motley bunch of fascists and racists from that rubbish program that was on channel four the other night held a demo in Dover – something to do with foreigners stealing all the pasta out of their leader’s kitchen cupboard or something – and it ended with utter embarrassment for the shelf-dusting scumbags. 127 more words

The Retailer's Imperative: integrated technology and a managed customer experience

This report on Customer Experience Management, conduted in partnership with SDL, explores how retailers are addressing the challenge of mastering the customer experience, and other issues essential to the strategic and tactical use of customer…

7 more words
Social CRM And Social Business

A critique of Massimo Ghislandi's optimism

Today I learned on Twitter about Massimo Ghislandi’s statements about 2014 and the translation industry, comments which fellow colleagues Jost Zetzsche and Riccardo Schiaffino qualified as  577 more words

Machine Translation

TextEdition is updated (again)!

I just commited some improvements I made for my text boxes library! I added the management of some multi-keys characters, so now you can write special characters like ‘â’, ‘ö’, ‘ñ’… I know English people just don’t care about it (^^) but French people really need those characters! 71 more words


TextEdition is updated!

My library for the creation of text boxes, called “TextEdition”, received a major update: the library is now written for the SDL 2.0! Finally… For now, this is just a mere translation, but I intend to optimize the performances soon, by using the new possibilities of the SDL 2.0. 142 more words


Freelancer Rates in 2015: Productivity Rules

Should we, as freelancers, increase our rates in 2015? It all depends on productivity! The more productive you are, the higher you should set your rates. 118 more words


Testing Console (C++)

While working on Cash Grab we found that we needed a way to call aspects of the program from beyond the game’s mechanics. For example, one of the PowerUps later implemented into the game was tested as a disembodied proof of concept. 555 more words

Cash Grab