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Software Testing - Levels

I wanted to continue exploring software testing.  This post will focus on levels of testing.  I’ve seen these terms used in different job descriptions that I have come across recently and I wanted to know a little more about them.   450 more words

The Sage 300 SDLC


A lot of my blog posts are to answer questions that I frequently receive. Then I have a ready answer of a blog posting link, or perhaps people read my blog and it saves me receiving an e-mail. 1,056 more words


The Value of QA

Happy Holidays everyone!

So, the other day I was faced with an interesting question on SQA’s StackExchange site. This got me thinking a bit about the value of QA and particularly, the future of QA. 562 more words


10 Ways to Avoid Agile Development Pitfalls

The predominance Agile Manifesto lasted for over a decade as IT professionals pursued better ways of software development, but the evolution from the preceding Waterfall software development methodology remained stagnant in many ways. 564 more words


AWS re:Invent Keynote Day 2 Takeaways

TL;DR – performance improvements and two huge announcements, Docker-based EC2 Container Service and cloud-CEP-like AWS Lambda.

I was in a meeting for the first 45 minutes but I hear I didn’t miss much. 560 more words


Making the Case for sound Project Management practices irrespective of methodology

Merriam Webster defines the word Sound as “in good condition : solid and strong, in good health, free from mistakes : showing good judgment”

As Project Management professionals, organizations rely on us to provide sound leadership in the area of program and project management. 916 more words