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Sea Grape Honey and Usages

Common throughout the Caribbean Islands and the USA, the Sea Grape can only survive in parts of Southern Florida and is considered native to the area. 272 more words


The Many Uses of Sea Grape Trees

Coccoloba uvifera

The sea grape tree, a beautiful tree with many uses, is found almost everywhere in coastal South Florida. It takes on many forms as well, sometimes sprawling out as a low hanging bush, growing up into a strong, easily to climb tree, and it can be pruned into a very attractive hedge. 520 more words

Sea Grape Leaves

The round leaves are the most distinctive identifying feature of the sea grape tree.

Illusions through a lens

They say that a picture tells more than a thousand words.  Those words can be manipulated through the focus and zoom.  I took these today at the local park.  16 more words