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Review: The Hammer by P&H Custom Sea Kayaks by Mike Kemp

Pacific Outfitter’s whitewater paddler and bike tech Mike Kemp recently demoed the Hammer by P&H Custom Sea Kayaks in the surf at Trinidad State Beach. We asked him to tell us what he thought of the latest coastal play, sea/whitewater hybrid kayak offering from the UK, and here is his initial impression: 429 more words


2015 Tides

2015 Tides are out now. Get in touch for a copy

The Great Glen Way

So it would appear that while working in this new job is awesome, I have become pretty rubbish at keeping this blog up to date. In fairness, no one wants to hear what day to day life up here is like, it’s all about the big adventures! 2,206 more words

Interesting Facts Regarding Kayak

Kayak has been a part of outdoor activities are very popular, not many people are aware of the phenomenon and facts about kayaking. There are some interesting facts that always surprise kayaking enthusiasts (kayakers). 483 more words


Canoe and Kayak Difference

Canoes and kayaks are often considered together because both are driven with a paddle. In fact, canoes and kayaks have a pretty clear distinction. to clarify the difference between canoeing and kayaking, here are some things that can be used as a benchmark. 273 more words


Thailand Journal: John Gray Sea Canoe


A romance novelist couldn’t get away with a story as perfect as our John Gray Sea Canoe experience.  The reader would simply dismiss it as an unrealistic, idealistic fantasy and quickly put the book down to find something else to read.  841 more words