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A weekend away in Puerto Madryn :)

This weekend was another long weekend here in Argentina, so I decided to make the most of my extra day off and head to the east coast of the country to a town called Puerto Madryn. 779 more words

Jessica Whalley

Road trip! Venture Quest Kayaking

If a breaching whale comes down on you, you will die.

The smiles ringing the group slip slightly. A woman who was already visibly apprehensive about the whole venture sucks in her breath and shoots her husband a tight-lipped sideways glance.

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Photo of the week: Laughing leopard seal

Don’t get too close! It’s no laughing matter…

Today’s photo—of penguins observing a leopard seal in Antarctica—gives us our prompt to remind you to take care when in the vicinity of seals and sea lions. 292 more words


Sea Turtle Videos!!

Here is some information about the state of sea turtles, conservation, and the device called a TEDs or turtle excluder devices that help prevent turtle bycatch, turtles that get caught in fishing nets. 68 more words

My Thoughts

Australian Flatback Sea Turtle

Here is my latest watercolor painting of an Australian Flatback Sea Turtle! The colors are a little differnt than some pictures I’ve found, but this is MY sea turtle. 36 more words

My Thoughts

Watch a killer whale launch a sea lion 20 feet into the air

Big news in the world of Fish the Win when we stumbled upon this video of a killer whale hunting a sea lion in Alaska. The sea lion at first hides under the boat, then a little bit after the one-minute mark the boat moves along. 134 more words


An Animal Diary special: Galapagos Part 1

How do I begin to write about how amazing my experience in the Galapagos was? I literally just don’t know how to, so I have decided instead to tell a bit through the photos, which don’t even begin to show how magical and crazy creature filled this place is…  999 more words