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Sea Monkeys and Scout Badges

As my husband scrambled to get packed for their big Scout camp this weekend, he mentioned that Thing 2’s Scout blanket had no badges on it. 133 more words

All the News That Isn't Bad

All the News That Isn’t Bad

1. Gumby loves his bendy iPhone 6.
2. Tiny sea monkeys create giant ocean currents.
3. Derek Jeter not even thinking about baseball. 73 more words

Sea Monkeys <<< Triops!


Jordan from Bridgend, South Wales is throwing down the gauntlet to Sea Monkeys:

I never had… 116 more words

Answer Us Back! Your Time To Opine

Triop update = Not good

You know how I was all “Yay! I have a pet now!” – well not anymore.

When I first got my ‘Grow your own Triops’ kit in the post I lovingly washed out the fishtank provided, sprinkled in the eggs and the food, made sure there was a lamp keeping the tank warm and eventually watched the little blips in my fishtank grow into… well, bigger blips. 402 more words


Aqua Dragons

We bought Sea Monkeys (now apparently known as Aqua Dragons) from Toys R Us the other day. As we’re not allowed any pets in the flat and these are technically no pets as they’re bought from a Toy store and they’re so tiny that you can’t even see them or interact with them. 61 more words