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November 12, 2014: transform that booze into a trip

Yeah so, I signed up for Air Miles but I couldn’t put that in the title now could I? Let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time to read about that. 266 more words

November 7, 2014: buy some motherfucking sea-monkeys!!

I really love aquariums a lot. I find them incredibly relaxing and enjoyable to watch as everything goes about with their little aquatic lives in their little aquatic world. 196 more words

The Chronicles of Aqua Dragons: Birth of the First Generation

Hey Guys its AGirlNamedEgypt and today I have created LIFE!!!!!!

Haha seriously My Grandma has sent my brother and I some Aqua Dragons! ( Which are like sea monkeys but a different species ). 395 more words

Aqua Dragons

Sea Monkeys and Scout Badges

As my husband scrambled to get packed for their big Scout camp this weekend, he mentioned that Thing 2′s Scout blanket had no badges on it. 133 more words

Hot Lava

With Houdini’s death cameĀ an awakening of the mind and spirit. The place where I’d been keeping long time curiositiesĀ seem to open up like the mouth of a volcano. 653 more words

All the News That Isn't Bad

All the News That Isn’t Bad

1. Gumby loves his bendy iPhone 6.
2. Tiny sea monkeys create giant ocean currents.
3. Derek Jeter not even thinking about baseball. 73 more words