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Deafening Delusions of Grandeur

There has been a lot of talk in the whale community recently about the International Court of Justice’s decision to declare Japan’s ‘scientific’ whaling program invalid. 626 more words

Marine Mammals

*NEWS Usan Fisheries Threat to Sea Shepherd UK Volunteers in Seal Defence Standoff* #SeaShepherdUK #SeaShepherd Report from Scotland Tensions are rising in Banffshire with conflict expected as early as Easter Monday in seal defence standoff. Sea Shepherd UK are currently active in Gardenstown and Crovie in the North of Scotland. They are there to prevent Usan Fisheries, otherwise known as the Scottish Wild Salmon Company, from shooting iconic Scottish seals over the Easter holiday break. Last year the Scottish Wild Salmon Company admitted to killing 18 grey seals during the same period. Local reports suggest the number was much higher. Tensions have been escalating over recent days as Sea Shepherd UK has continued preventing the Scottish Wild Salmon Company from shooting seals. The kill total since Sea Shepherd arrived is zero. Armed Scottish Wild Salmon Company staff are now acting in an increasingly belligerent manner towards our personnel on the ground. Sea Shepherd UK are preparing for direct confrontation from these armed killers as a result. On Good Friday, Scottish Wild Salmon Company personnel confronted Sea Shepherd volunteers in Gardenstown Harbour. One senior member of their party, accompanied by a rifle carrying employee, shouted in front of children and other holidaymakers the threat that he would make us wish we were back in Japan. Sea Shepherd refuse to back down in the face of intimidation such as this and will continue to stand against marine wildlife killers no matter what threats are made. All Sea Shepherd UK activists are committed to stand in front of any rifle aimed at a defenceless seal by the Scottish Wild Salmon Company or by any other seal killers. by seashepherd

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Japan Says It Will Resume Whaling Off Antarctica by MARTIN FACKLER


Japan officials said the whaling, which they say is for research, would be redesigned to address objections raised by an international court. 13 more words


Southern Ocean "Cruising"

After 8000nm of sailing, we  finally made it to Chile having visited Antarctica. Despite having already done numerous ocean crossings and spending multiple winters in the French Alps, this trip has been my biggest challenge yet. 448 more words

Captain Paul Watson on Welfare Ranching

Welfare Ranching Show Down in Nevada

There is a silly little drama going on in Nevada and the Neo Cons, the militias and the welfare ranchers would have us believe there is another Waco about to happen. 2,226 more words

Endangered Species

Japanese Whaling Group Intends to Resume Its Hunts by REUTERS


The group that conducts Japan’s whaling says it expects to resume scientific whaling in the Antarctic after this year’s hunt was canceled following an order by an international court. 13 more words