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Starfish at Starvation Bay - Pender Island

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Purple, purple everywhere!

This was one of those days where starfish were everywhere. On this day at the beach, Starvation Bay (Pender Island, BC, Canada) was literally covered with hundreds of purple starfish, quite an amazing site to see. 36 more words

British Columbia

Sunflower sea star

This is the underside of a sea star that was captured when they brought in the traps while crabbing and shrimping. It was an impressive sight. 14 more words


Life In A Tide Pool: Not As Easy As It Looks

We’ve had the pleasure of living at the beach on both the east and west coast of the US. We’ve lived on the coasts of both Florida and Georgia. 227 more words


Diving on the Great Barrier Reef: Two Towers

Two Towers is a dual pinnacle dive site that’s home to an amazing array of coral and fish life. There are turtles, sea snakes, and giant clams to be found amongst smaller life like wrasses, groupers, shrimp, and cod. 173 more words


Film Friday: "Sea Star Wasting Syndrome" causes devastation in starfish populations

Everyone seems to enjoy imagining what it must be like to have starfish’s limb regeneration capabilities: see earlier post here.

But a mystery disease that causes a sea star’s arms to crawl away from each other until the star is literally ripped apart has been increasing in prevalence over the last several years: this video reports mainly on its effect in Puget Sound and the West Coast. 118 more words